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Retention Marketing Strategies to Re-enagage Customers

Just like brick and mortar retailers, online businesses require a retention marketing strategy that enables them to re-engage customers with their brand. Retention marketing strategy enables businesses to establish a strong relationship with their customers so that they keep coming back to them. There are some of the best marketing automation platforms available that facilitates online businesses to increase sales through customer retention techniques.

Below are some of the retention marketing strategies we use to enable businesses to re-engage customers with their brand:-

    1. Email your Customers with a Valuable Offers:

Nobody pays attention to an email with heavy content. Send email content that is valuable to your customers. It should be crisp and loaded with valuable offers. You can also engage with your customers by sending them a short note along with the link of an article they might be interested to read. GreyFOX AI uses Artificial Intelligence capabilities to enable businesses to automate their marketing emails. The AI platform successfully personalizes these offers to meet the demands of every individual customer. The platform sends personalized emails to the customers on their special events including birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

    1. Connect with the New Customers

Personalized connection and continuous engagement with new customers is essential for businesses to turn casual customers into loyal customers. It enables businesses to generate sales for your business. GreyFOX AI marketing automation platform automates welcome mails to the new customers. The emails are sent to the new customers with a questionnaire that enables Shopify merchants to capture these details and accordingly create offers for them.

    1. Regularly Request Customer Feedback

Taking feedback from the customers is essential to make them feel valued, important, and understood. Feedbacks generate trust within the customers and establishes your relationship with them. GreyFOX AI platform sends feedback emails to the customers to know if they are satisfied with the product. The feedback is sent normally after a week of the product purchase to know if the customer is happy using the product. Our AI-based marketing automation platform creates a scheduled plan for sending surveys and emails. This strategy enables Shopify merchants to establish a relationship with the customer and re-engage them with your brand.

    1. Run Campaigns for Customers and Reward Them

Apart from engaging with your customers over emails, you can run campaigns to re-establish a relationship with them. Ask your customers to participate in these campaigns and win reward points. Run campaigns like #flauntinstyle #bestearings etc. You can ask them to share their pictures on social media handles with the dresses/products they have purchased at your store and get 10 likes. Reward them with points if they win it.

GreyFOX AI automates campaign emails to the customers and motivates them to participate. This is the best retention marketing strategy that motivates customers to return back to your Shopify store.

Would you want to establish an ongoing engagement with your customers? Contact GreyFOX AI – a marketing automation platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers and boost sales. For more details about our platform click here.

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