Study in Regional Areas of Australia

Moving to Australia for higher studies is an excellent prospect for many aspiring students. To study at a designated regional university of this first world country on an Australia Study Visa has been a hot topic recently. “Shall we study at a regional university in Australia?” “Are they going to be reputed?”- aspirants often ask themselves.

To answer all their queries we have a guide here, informing you, why you can study in a regional area.

The regional countrysides of Australia have several good universities to offer to international students. Regional universities offer an inclusive relaxing lifestyle, a customised university experience catered for your needs, a window to the natural scenery in Australia and additional opportunities for migration.

Let’s get into details why you should think about studying in regional Australia if you have an Australia Study Visa.


Regional cities are a getaway to a calm and pleasant atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of Australian metropolitan. You can devote your spare time, between classes, to stroll among the bushes and enjoy the picturesque landscapes. These cities have a very cosmopolitan society, with a similar scope of leisure and holidays that you could have found in the main cities. They don’t lack any of the facilities and entertainment that you will find in well-known towns. Everything from health care, theatres, sports venues, restaurants, cafés, bars and shopping are available a farther away from the populated cities. One of the main thing that students will get to know when you live afar from the main hubs is the ‘country hospitality’.

The amiable Australian culture:

Some students on an Australia Study Visa feel that the student population in regional universities are less compared to the universities in the prominent cities. Don’t be concerned as it provides a close community integration where students have the chance to meet and understand their neighbours and peers quickly.

The regional university campuses are comparatively smaller, giving out a real community vibe that helps international students to know people. You will find your peers living close by and quickly catch up with them after class. Students don’t have a fear of getting lost in the crowd when they are in a regional campus. They certainly feel very welcomed, and have an enriching experience during their study and living environment in no time.

Speciality course offerings:

Regional areas present openings for secondary school, university, TAFE, and English language study for students on an Australia Study Visa. Academia in local cities offer courses on a wide range of disciplines, each focused on catering to the strengths of an individual. Universities located in the Adelaide’s Barossa Valley provides a degree in winemaking, in the same way, a campus in Far North Queensland has an array of tropical studies to offer. Disciplines are so diverse that campuses on the New South Wales coast offer a specialisation in marine biology. For students studying medicine, there are several medical and dental schools in regional areas, coaching students to start working in these regions.

Migration Opportunities:

Studying in any Australian University on an Australia Student Visa improves chances of gaining brownie points towards Permanent Residency. If you are aspiring about applying for permanent residency in Australia with an Australia Study Visa, studying in a preferred regional area will give you an extra edge. Studying in a regional area benefits international students with five additional points when they apply for Australian PR.

Peaceful Academic Atmosphere:

Regional universities in Australia are renowned for the picturesque nature around their campus. They have everything starting from tropical rainforests to silver sandy beaches, range of hills, red deserts, and the symbolic ‘bushes’. Regional universities are regarded as the best places to experience Australia’s eye-soothing natural environment. Many Tourists Visit Regional Areas of Australia on Tourist Visa frequently.

Affordable cost of living:

Big cities such as Sydney or Melbourne are quite expensive, and hence students prefer regional areas as they offer a lower cost of living. Several bodies have conducted research and have collected the information and interviewed international students on an Australia Study Visa who lives in different regions. Students can comfortably live in an extravagant apartment in Regional areas by paying merely AUD 1000 a month. The same apartment would cost as high as AUD 2000 – 2500 per month in a city like Melbourne within a cramped environment.

Reasons why the Australian Government is making the changes:

The regional areas are usually less populated, which is why the Australian Government promote these areas with a variety of services so that more people start living in those areas. The fields will develop further with time, and the locals will meet the shortage of the skills needed in that area.

These changes will impose less pressure on principal cities like Sydney and Melbourne that has a large population density. If you need any further information, you can contact a reputed immigration consultant and take help.

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