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Read Urdu Novels Free At Urdu Novels Point

As most of the people love Urdu books, Urdu poetry and classic Urdu novels, there is dire need of Urdu libraries. What if the whole library will come to your mobile device and you can access it from anywhere and anytime. In addition, it has an awesome collection of Urdu novels and afsany. It means all the Urdu literature at one point. Here I am presenting my favorite app for Urdu books reading, all in one the Urdu Novels Collection.


As far as the Urdu novel’s collection is concerned, we have the formidable storehouse of your favorite novels. Let’s have a look at the exquisite features of this novel reader app:

  1. Responsive and easy-to-understand interface
  2. Unmatchable collection of Urdu novels
  3. Encompasses all renowned and famous Urdu writers
  4. Easy and fast novel downloads
  5. Users can search by
    → Novel’s name
    → Author’s name
    → Category
  6. User can follow the book where he left with the help of “Bookmark feature”
  7. Users can have Multiple Bookmarks.
  8. Smooth navigations with left and right buttons
  9. Offline and Online reading option
  10. Classic Urdu novels at one point
Read Your Favorite Novels Now

Urdu literature continued to develop in both India and Pakistan. At the same time, this literature acquired distinctive features in each of these countries owing to their different courses of historical development. Consequently, it has become the first choice when it comes to Urdu Novels Point: Free Urdu Novel Collection reading for the fans of literature and Urdu Books. So download now this free app for best Urdu afsanay and be the ultimate reader. Happy Reading!

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