The tools associated with each profession is what makes a skilled individual better at their job. Individuals who know using spray foam tools such as pumps, guns, and hoses are efficiently enabled to handle numerous tasks. You can find several spray foam equipment online at affordable prices depending on the type of work you’re interested in.

Proper working equipment must always be kept in good condition to ensure its efficiency. One has to clean and organize the tools before using them. Different types of spray foam equipment online need to be handled with care while maintaining their proper condition. Such equipment requires access to electricity as well as compressed air to power it up. The attached air supply should be able to produce sufficient pressure normally shown in psi.

If your system receives poor quality air, then the mixture produced will not be ideal. Ensure that the air is dry and pure to prevent premature damage to the machine. You don’t want your equipment to a breakdown in the middle of work. Let’s have a look at several ways in which you can take care of your spray foam system.

Stable Power Supply

You should check the power supply that goes to the system regardless of whether it’s coming from a generator or another source. You can do this by using an amp clamp meter daily to prevent delays that might arise from unstable power. Note the voltage number found on the system’s nameplate, then compare it to the voltage that goes to the machine. If the voltage is lower than that on the nameplate, then the machine might experience heat issues, hence damaging the motor.

If you are using a generator for your power supply, then be careful not to let the generator run out of fuel. This is because it will cause inconsistency in power supply which might destroy the power circuit boards. Certain manufacturers provide lights that signal whether the incoming power is the correct voltage or not.

Efficient Transfer

A proper working transfer system is responsible for taking the material from the totes and straight to the proportioning pumps. It is important to store the materials at the recommended temperature as stated by the manufacturer. You should use a desiccant dryer on the material drum. When the amount of material reduces as the operation continues, the air displaces the drum then the desiccant cartridge continues to filter the moisture into the air for preventing the reaction between the moisture and the Iso. Such a reaction would lead to the formation of crystals which clog up the filter screens as it builds up with time in the transfer hoses.

The drum mixer should always be kept clean and without any form of build-up that disintegrates when the machine is operational. The machine’s transfer system contains air hoses, filter assemblies, drum pumps, material lines, and monitoring equipment.

The transfer pumps should be free of any solid particles when the drums are being exchanged. Experts recommend that you apply white lithium grease to the inner part of the air inlet monthly for lubrication. You should avoid using air tool oil on the spray gun as it can damage the O-rings.

All the hoses used in the spray foam system should be checked for any leaks or bulges. In most cases, hose damage usually occurs where the fitting has been crimped to the hose. You should check the length of the horse as well as the circumference of the crimp.

The Core of the System

Y-strainers and inlet material screens are located between the transfer pumps and proportioning pumps to help prevent the large particles from reaching the proportioning pump. The work of the proportioning pump is to control the pressure and the ratio. The pump makes use of ball checks and seats to serve its purpose. When a particle that is too big enters the pump, it prevents the ball from working against the check bevel, hence resulting in ratio and pressure issues.

The Y-strainers should be inspected especially when introducing new material or when there are fluctuations in the pressure of the machine.

The inlet monitoring system is responsible for showing the temperature and pressure of the material that goes into the proportioning pumps from the transfer pumps. The monitoring system uses inline gauges that are visible or thermocouples that transfer signals to the board. The information provided by such readings allows you to deduce if the system is experiencing problems. You can make necessary adjustments to the equipment to ensure it is working at its optimum pace.

Proportioners and Spray Guns

Proportioning pumps need to have Iso pump lubrication systems. There should be a pump lube reservoir on horizontal pumping. This reservoir should be checked daily for any changes such as discoloration. The pump should be serviced if there is excessive Iso material.

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