Thinking about what being real estate agent is, almost everyone imagines someone who’s doing a lot of paperwork, but that’s wrong. Nowadays realtors are the ones who often work not at office but sometimes, literally, in the field, thus in need of a very reliable device — high-performance business phones, tablets and notebooks that are able to work almost 24/7. And in this article we’ll speak about how to choose the best tablet for real estate agents, the one that will successfully replace any notebook.

Why choosing tablet instead of a laptop?

First things first, to choose the best tablet for a realtor, you need to think twice about your own working needs and preferences. As an example, most tablets can’t truly be suitable for typing large amounts of text. So you need to think twice about how much functionality must be in your tablet to replace laptop at least in terms of creating presentations for customers, if not replacing it at all.

But there are undeniable advantages of using tablets. First of all, they’re really mobile that suits better for realtors that are need to move to from one client to another, showing presentations. As a second advantage you’ll see by yourself that it’s easy to configure in a “do and forget” style, literally. And, as a finishing blow, you will have free or paid alternatives to all laptop-used software except for some specific one that realtor won’t need.

How to choose tablet for real estate agent?

Don’t even think about watching a reviews on MacBook and Windows laptops in case you really know what specs you need. Also, you don’t need to look for ones that powerful but for those that are capable of doing what you really need. Furthermore, it needs to work out in the field if needed and be durable enough in harsh conditions. So, we’re focused on these specs:

  • Something portable, durable and able to compete with laptops in terms of performance. Small screen is good for a portable and compact workhorse, but bigger screen is better at showing presentations.
  • Tablet must be powerful enough to show everything that you had prepared for your clients.
  • It must be capable of doing all the same things that can be done with laptop.
  • Internet connectivity. You’ll really need a stable internet connection.
  • If you need your tablet up and running all day, choose one that have powerful battery. And buy yourself a good power bank.
  • It must be if not stylish but at least good-looking. It’s one of your own faces.
  • You’re moving a lot from one place to another and your tablet can be lost. So don’t buy an expensive one.
  • Storage capacity. It depends on your needs, but more is not always better.

So, we stated some criteria, and will speak more about some nuances. Tablets, except expensive models or variants, mostly have a small built-in storage or flash-memory. And you will need more for sure. So, to increase it you may use external storage varying from classic SD-cards to cloud storage.

What’s the best tablet for real estate agent?

So, we stated everything that you’ll need to know about choosing a tablet for realtor, and there are the our best picks:

Apple iPad Pro

This device is compared to a small laptop in terms of screen size and performance, mentioning that it also have some big-sized storage. Also, it has USB Type-C port to charge and connect additional devices like external keyboard.


+ Secure, reliable, stylish.


– Very expensive for a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

10.5-inch display that can be handled both with hands and stylus, combined with good performance, long-living battery and some different variations. Furthermore, it comes with an exterior keyboard right out of the box.


+ Good battery lifetime.


– A little too heavy for a tablet.

Google Pixel Slate

Hybrid tablet with a 12.3-inch display and exterior keyboard that is great in terms of performance, really optimized to deal with everything you’ve got for it to be done.


+ Big high-quality display.


– Not too powerful as its counterparts but better than others.


We had shown only 3 of tablets suitable for a real estate agents, but there are more like this. You must remember that there are a vast variety of tablets. So look at them from the user’s perspective and pick one that’s the best for you and suits your future tasks.

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