As we all know the world is going through the corona virus crisis. The virus does not discriminate between rich or poor, black or white, fat or thin etc, it can infect anyone. So we need to protect ourselves from the virus. But no vaccine has yet been created, so how does one protect from such incurable virus ?

One effective way is to get isolated and maintain social distancing. Every country, where this virus has reached, is employing the strategy of complete lockdown. In this situation person has to remain in his/her house only and only come out to get essential commodities.

But remaining at home 24/7 is very difficult with no work to do. So here is a list of few tasks that you can do to keep yourself involved during this crisis situation :-

  • Yoga and Meditation :- One of the most effective way to utilize your time in productive way is to learn Yoga. Doing yoga and meditation everyday helps you in increasing thinking capability, increase muscle strength and flexibility, weight reduction etc. But most importantly it improves your immune system, the only weapon against Corona virus. So make it a habit to do yoga 30 – 40 mins daily.


  • Learn Foreign Language :- You can learn some foreign language to improve your vocabulary knowledge.


  • Learn Sign Language (Recommended) :- This is my personal recommendation. Learning sign language will enable you to help deaf/specially enabled people.


  • Read Motivational Stories/Quotes :- If you are feeling depressed due to lockdown and virus then you can read some of world famous motivational stories and quotes of personalities such as Lincoln, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Einstein. Please visit Moral Globe to read.


  • Cooking :- This is a very good skill to develop during this time. You can learn how to cook delicious recipes.


  • Stitching :- A very useful skill to learn to help with your daily life.


  • Learn Music Instruments :- A very good opportunity to start a new hobby in form of guitar, piano, flute etc.


  • Coding :- Surprised? Don’t be. As we know that our world is getting digital and every digital device works on some lines code, so this skill will surely come handy sometime in near future.

Stay Home Stay Safe.


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