After qualifying 10+2, you turn out to be sincere enough to understand the characteristics of a good college. But the marketing gimmicks taking the gigantic form may misguide you and consequently, you may land a bad choice of college. Choosing the right college is a crucial decision that decides the direction of your career.

If you choose a wrong college to pursue a foundation program like BA, B.Sc, or B.Com, it doesn’t impact your career a lot. But when it comes to a professional degree like BBA then the college choice becomes important. A good BBA college in India has some special qualities. Hence, you need to assess a college on these parameters even before you include it in the list of your shortlisted colleges.

Let’s discuss the points you need to think before BBA Hons admission.

Corporate Exposure

Know about the industrial alliances a college has. It will help you assess the corporate exposure you are going to experience after admission. If a college has good foothold within the industry and has partnered with the globally-acknowledged MNCs and Bluechip companies, you can give it a go for further admission process. For study of BBA, corporate study is mandatory.

Faculty Experience

Experience of the faculty does matter a lot. If a college has on-board faculty with experience in the industry too, nothing can be better place than this for BBA study. Don’t count upon what college website says about the faculty members. They will definitely brag about the experience of their staff. Try to access the LinkedIn profiles of the faculty members to get real insights.


The perfect curriculum of BBA is the amalgamation of theoretical management concepts and industrial case studies. Such a curriculum helps students develop a broader perspective with immense knowledge of the managerial and leadership concepts. It also promotes the analytical skills amongst the students that help them in their professional lives a lot.

International Alliances

Have you heard about the semester exchange programs under which you get the chance to pursue a semester or some part of a course in a foreign university partnered with your college? Isn’t it amazing for development of global leaders? It is, indeed. Check if the college you are going to shortlist has academic partnerships with premier international institutions.

Fee Structure

Fee structure also does matter. Don’t let your parents go over their budget. Even if you are taking an educational loan, you should go for a college with a feasible fee structure. If the college is exceptionally good then you can stretch the budget allocated for your graduation with a professional degree. Compare the fee with average package to calculate the ROI and then act accordingly.

A good b-school or a university offering BBA has Centres of Excellence (COEs) in association with top MNCs. COEs help the students with learning of the corporate culture and provide them with the opportunities of industrial internships and start-up incubation. If you are looking for BBA admissions, then definitely take care of the above-discussed factors.

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