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Have you ever thought how you cuddle comfortably in your blankets and have a sound sleep. Well I will tell you.
You sleep comfortably because these poor soldiers are awake. Wait I must not call them poor, because they are not poor. They have the strength that known of us can possess, they have a passion that we are not even capable of thinking, they have a dream far beyond our imagination and most importantly there eyes glisten for a cause and a goal that we cannot ever reach rather most of us shiver at the name of martyrdom. But they only have two routes which both make them win “Ghazi or Shaheed”.After all this how can they be poor, but that is what I have heard on the tongues of many that say the word soldier. Poor soldier has become like a literal compound word which you cannot pronounce without that poor in the start.
They are valorous men and women whose patriotism is far beyond the realms of normal human thought. As can you even imagine how easy is it for them to give their life for the sustenance of Pakistan. Plus what keeps me awestruck is the fact that they do it just for a nominal amount of money. They leave their children as orphans to protect other children that are the future of Pakistan from being orphans.
All what they do is not their duty, perhaps we call it a duty but no, it is not. It is not their duty to give their lives for the country it is just their passion for which we must be grateful to them. Well do you not feel that if they do so much for you, you must also care for what they did and not let Pakistan’s name come down.
By Pakistan’s name coming down I mean corruption. Corruption is not only what our politicians do rather it is in every part of our environment. Let’s just begin from our school. Cheating is part of corruption and when you cheat now, which you feel to be a mere misdeed you grow up to doing bad deeds and that is why we have corruption all around. Those who take bribes, smugglers,robbers and e.t.c., all these started mere bad deeds at your age and when they continued with it, their habit became strong and they went up to doing bigger sins and crimes like all we see now in the assembly, at the police station, at government offices and other spheres of life.
Do not think that if everyone does something that is wrong so it is fine. Wrong is wrong and always remains a wrong. Just improve small things around you or rather not even around you, but in you and it would serve towards having a better Pakistan and a Pakistan that would be in the good books of everyone.
Be proud as Pakistani’s, make it your identity and feel proud of your language and country, for after all you must say being labelled hurts, but the only label with which you and I both feel proud is Pakistani.

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