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Online Tutoring: A Career Opportunity For An Unemployed Person

In today’s turbulent economic condition losing a job has become a very common phenomenon. With rising competition and demand for the latest technologies and skills, getting a new job is very difficult if you are not equipped with the latest technology. And of course, it becomes really difficult to survive when you are out of job for a longer duration.

One of the major issues a jobless person has to face is ‘finance’. If you have sufficient savings for such rainy days then it is good, otherwise, you have to look for options to get financial help.

Though the government provides some financial help to the unemployed the amount given by them is not enough to meet all the expenses of an unemployed person. There are various needs that one has to fulfill such as daily expenses, paying bills, attending interviews, etc. Managing all these expenses without any source of income is very hard.

So how you can cope up with joblessness and financial pressure? Is there any way to come out of it? In this situation, you can take help in the form of loans for the unemployed. There are many lenders who offer such types of loans to help jobless people in a difficult time.

Taking a loan is a temporary solution to your problem. So, it is better to look for an alternative source of income until you get a new job. There are various means to earn some money when you are not in fulltime employment. You can take up a part-time job or can provide tuition to students.

Here in this article, we will go through some points which online tutoring offers.

Online Teaching From Your Home

Teaching is one of the professions which never go out of demand. With the availability of internet and computer devices, more and more students are taking up online classes. Hence, there is a vast opportunity in this field.

If you are passionate about teaching and have extensive knowledge of any subject then you can provide online tuition to students from your home and earn some extra bucks. The rate charged by an online tutor is 15-20 pounds per hour for one student. So, if you can spare a few hours from your daily schedule then you can earn a good amount of money.

You don’t have to go to the student’s home; hence you can save ample time which can be utilized in other things such as preparing for your interviews.

We can say that it is a better option to consider when one is jobless and facing financial issues.

Advantages of Becoming an Online Tutor

  • Flexibility: It provides flexibility in working hours. You can choose timings as per your comfortability and availability.
  • Job Satisfaction: It is a very big responsibility when it comes to teaching. The future of a student is in your hand so you have to be very honest and sincere in what you are doing. Doing this will give you immense satisfaction.
  • Reachability: You can take classes from anywhere and anytime. You just need a laptop and internet connection. Even if you are on a holiday you can take the class for an hour.
  • High Earning: Though there are other online mediums to earn money teaching is high earning compared to other online professions such as data entry, freelancing works, etc.
  • Regular Income: It provides a regular source of income without any risk of job loss. There is no effect of market slowdown or anything when it comes to the teaching profession.

How To Get Started?

This is the most important thing to discuss as most people are not aware of how to get started.

There are various ways to get started- either you can start your own class or you can register to an online tutor agency. Choose as per your convenience because if you start on your own then it might take some time to become popular. Hence, it is better to approach an agency that hires a tutor. You can search for it on the internet.

After working for them for a few months, you can start on your own. Gaining some experience is vital in the teaching field.


So, we can say that if you are unemployed and have a knack for teaching then online teaching is a better option to earn some money and reduce financial distress caused by job loss. Until you get a new job, you can provide online tuition to students. If you want you can continue this after getting a job as well.

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