Vitiligo, an autoimmune disease that appears with white uneven patches at many places of the body. The reason behind this skin condition is still unknown but there are triggers which accelerate it. Sunlight is one of the most important triggers that initiate appearance of this patches. There are a number of treatment for white patches available in the market but only doctor can tell you the best suitable one for you.

Vitiligo happens when the immune cells attacks & destroys the healthy melanin cells. Melanin cells are the one to give color to our skin and their death at certain places leads to appearance of depigmented patches. The vitiligo patches tend to appear first on the sun exposed areas such as face, hands, feet, shoulder & neck. This condition also run in families which means people with family history of vitiligo are more prone to get this. Commonly the first signs of vitiligo appear within the age of 20s, but it can also appear at any age.

Factors that influence white patches on skin treatment:

Advancement in medical science has blessed us with many effective treatments. Continuous treatment can help eradicate the patches and give an even toned skin. The new treatment for white patches is effective enough to bring back the lost skin tone. However, the type of treatment also depends on various factors such as:

  • Patient’s age
  • Vitiligo type and widespread condition
  • Skin type and condition
  • Details of any previous treatments taken
  • Side-effect to certain vaccination or medication
  • If the patient is undergoing any treatment currently

Various White Patches on Skin Treatment for Defeating Vitiligo

Depending on the above-mentioned factors, vitiligo can be treated with a number of treatments.  These treatments deliver amazing results because they reproduce melanin cells which results into even tones skin color. Melanin are the cells that are responsible for our skin color.

At Dr. Paul’s Skin Laser Centre, which is renowned for various treatment for white patches, offers:

  1. Oral Medications:It prescribes dosage of L-Phenylalanine medicine depending upon patient’s strength. These medications help to even tone the white patches and reduce inflammation.
  2. LASER Treatment:Laser treatment is the most used treatment for white patches as it delivers the best results. Among all laser treatments, PUVA treatment is the most used one which is a combination treatment of Psoralen and long wavelength UV light. This treatment strengthens patient’s skin sensitivity level. Prior to the treatment, psoralen drug is applied into the patient’s skin to increase skin’s sensitivity and prepare it to face UV light.
  3. Skin Grafting: It is the last option that is prescribed by the doctor when all other white patches on skin treatment fails to work. In this surgery, the melanin cells from any other pigmented part of the body is taken to the exposed discoloured part. This way the white patches turns to normal skin color again.

Along with these treatment for white patches, there are others like cosmetic coverups, ayurvedic or allopathic treatment are there too which improves Vitiligo skin condition to certain extent.

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