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No Added Sugar, But Still Sweet As Can Be

As many people understand, sometimes you get a sweet tooth that just needs to be satisfied. If you are on a diet or are stuck at work, you may not have the option to just go pick up something tasty at the nearest store. When you are in such a predicament, where should you turn? Well, look no further than the fantastic e juice dessert flavors produced by Velvet Cloud. They use classic recipes to make delectable flavors to satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth. In addition to this, their products are made by professionals who really care about the quality of their ingredients and every detail that goes into creating their end product.

Everyone has different tastes, but the majority of people know what it feels like to really crave a specific flavor but not be able to get it immediately. If you find yourself wanting something sugary and delicious on a regular basis, you should look into buying one of the Dessert E Juice Flavors from Velvet Cloud. If you happen to be stuck working the graveyard shift at work and you are in desperate need of a quick pick me up, Night Shift is just the flavor for you. It features notes of coffee and chocolate glazed doughnut so you can feel like you are enjoying a sweet satisfying breakfast all while staying at your post. If you want something a little more fun, Nutty Cookie is a good thing to start your flavor journey with. With flavors like sugar cookie, hazelnut, macadamia nut, and white chocolate, you will be able to get the taste of fresh baked cookies, without having to worry about calories or carbs ruining your meal plans.

During the holidays, you tend to revisit many flavors that have been in your family for generations. While you are feeling nostalgic for these fond memories, try out Frosted Gingerbread. One puff from this sweet flavor will bring you right back to sitting by the fireplace with your grandmother eating the cookies you both worked hard to make earlier in the day. No matter what your sweet tooth is telling you, you can get your sugar fix while you also getting your nicotine fix with the dessert e juice flavors from Velvet Cloud.

When you are making such a wonderful and delicious product, you know that you need the best ingredients. Putting the time and effort into making everything with love helps to produce the most flavorful e juice. Velvet Cloud creates every bottle with small batches, individually tested for the absolutely perfect hit. They started creating these batches in their hometown of San Francisco to give their friends and neighbors the chance to have the artisan vape juice they wanted. They create these small batches using wholesome ingredients like pure USP glycerin made from vegetables, nicotine, and a touch of water. They make sure they do not add any harmful ingredients like animal products, gluten, GMO’s, sugar, or any added artificial coloring and sugars. This formula uses only the best ingredients meaning that they only have the best product in the end.

When you want to satisfy that sugar craving but don’t have an opportunity to go out and get something, instead of driving yourself mad with desire take a nice puff of one of the sweet dessert e liquids from Velvet Cloud. They use the best ingredients and add nothing weird to their juices making every bottle special and filled with love. If you want to taste the fruits of Velvet Cloud’s labors, look no further than their incredibly popular e juices!

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