What’s a Political Personality Test?

My Political Personality is a test that will match users with more than 20 traits to show how they align with the top 4 political parties: Democratic Party, Republican Party, Green Party, and Libertarian Party. It will also show users where they stand on the ideological spectrum of liberal vs. conservative.

We wanted to give users an easy way to see how their traits and values align with different political categories. Our goal is to give people insight into their values, ambitions, and goals so they can become more politically engaged.

How does it work?

This 2-minute test uses a “Likert Scale” whereby you will agree or disagree with a series of statements. Based on your answers, we recommend a political personality match. It’s that simple! No catches, no gimmicks.

We don’t ask for any personal information and we aren’t affiliated with any political party. We just want you to have more tools and knowledge to engage with the political process.

The 8 Political Personalities

A political personality is how your values interface with the broader social world. It provides some broad highlights of strengths, weaknesses, political traits, policy values, and party alignment.

You are unique, so no personality profile will fit you perfectly. This is merely a guide to give you deeper perspective on how you fit into the broader socio-political world.

Astute Logician

A champion of science, logic, and pragmatism.

Astute Logicians — An image of two scientists

Astute Logicians are grounded in reality and are known for their unique perspectives and vigorous intellect. With a deep analytical mind, they can methodically solve political problems using objective reasoning and expert analysis. Though not a public campaigner, they strongly advocate for sustainable economic growth, government accountability, and science-first education.

Civic Observer

Going with the flow and assume the best in others.

Civic Observers — Two people looking at their phone and a computer

Civic Observers like to stay out of the political spotlight, while still being open to new information from trusted friends or family. Generally good-natured, they are able to see the good and potential in people and events. Though they tend not to publicly campaign, they believe in sustainable and balanced policies for the economy, social programs, and environmental health.

Freedom Steward

An independent spirit who champions individual autonomy.

Freedom Stewards — Two farmers harvesting crops.

Freedom Stewards value privacy, autonomy, and are generally distrustful of the political order. They feel that the world would be better off if people just took care of themselves and didn’t rely on government institutions. They prefer to keep to themselves, rather than engage in public political campaigns. Generally a hard worker, they pave their own way and just want the government to stay out of it.

Growth Capitalist

A crusader for capitalism and economic prosperity.

Growth Capitalists — A businessman and a businesswomen holding paperclip boards

Growth Capitalists are savvy and business-first industrialists. They feel that economic growth and prosperity should be maximized at all costs. Regulations, policies, and taxes just get in the way of progress.

Justice Warrior

A champion of change who fights for progress.

Justice Warrior — Two warriors with swords.

Justice Warriors are genuinely caring individuals who radiate authenticity and altruism. Never one to back down from a fight, they are known for being a catalyst for change, but are always reasonable, honest, and respectful in approach. They are generally a natural leader, able to rally people around causes they truly believe in, like social justice, government accountability, and education.

Social Guardian

The epitome of humbleness, integrity, and diversity.

Social Guardian — Two knights with a sword and sheild.

Social Guardians are typically open to new ideas while guarding against social injustice. They strive for a balanced approach to economic growth and environmental sustainability. Generally, they are politically moderate, compassionate, and passive in expressing viewpoints.

Stalwart Nationalist

A determined and assertive nationalist fighting for tradition.

Stalwart Nationalist — A king and queen

Stalwart Nationalists are loyalists who harness hard-hearted rationality to promote their values at all costs. They respect law, authority, and tradition — often with a ‘winner-takes-all’ mentality. With an America-first mindset, they believe that protecting traditional American values and high economic growth are the country’s top priorities. Unafraid to speak their mind, they let everyone know how they feel.

Utopian Virtuoso

The embodiment of idealism and virtue.

Utopian Virtuoso — Two super heros posing

The Utopian Virtuoso is highly empathetic, honest, and good-hearted, often seeing it as a life-calling to make a positive difference. They are a promoter of social and environmental justice, heroic in their pursuit of a brighter future. They are unafraid to express their views, especially when they champion causes they truly believe in, like sustainability, affordable healthcare, and equal treatment under the law.

Discover Your Political Personality

If you would like to know which personality type you are, you can take the free and anonymous political test here. Discover your traits and values and help make the world a better place. Once you have taken the test, you can also learn how you can get politically engaged at our 2020 Election Center.

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