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most motivational quotes

On Pinterest, Tumblr, or other similar sites, we tend to see a lot of quotes designed to motivate or inspire us. Words can be found for a range of emotions, personal traits, and life events, but some quotes are just universal nuggets of wisdom. You know the ones – those quotes that give you “Aha!” moments of inspiration or meaningful insights into your personal and professional lives.

They are the words you want to print out and tape up on your wall so you’ll see them every day. More importantly, they’re not always about business and the hustle, as they can simply be about compassion, friendship, or happiness. There is no singular or “right” kind of inspiration or motivation. Whatever you need in the moment, that is the “right” kind for you.

1. “Anyone who has ever made anything of importance was disciplined.”  Andrew Hendrixson

2.”Dont spend time beating on a wall, hoping it to transform into a door.”- coco Chanel

3. “creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

4. “if the plan doesnt work, change the plan,but never change the goal.”

5. “I destroy my enemies when i make them friends.” Abraham Lincoln


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