Nowadays, you can see that a significant number of shared web hosting providers are providing the best services to meet our needs. But finding the best web hosting service that can provide the best services at very low-cost is very difficult.

HosterPort offers powerful and user-friendly web hosting with backend that is already taken care of. So what’s Web host or what features made it stand out from the audience?

Key Features of Shared Hosting

Here are five of the most appropriate features included in shared hosting bundles:

Storage & Traffic

Let us just start from the beginning of all this. If you really want to host a website, you need some storage that will be used for things like different code documents, databases, and media. That is if you need a certain volume of storage. Intuitively, the shorter your site, the less relevant this feature is. Now you’ve hosted some documents and uploaded them to a website, that you are supposed to want users to access certain information. This is when the bandwidth comes in. Bandwidth is going to work the very same way. Many web hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth but reduce traffic frequency, which can influence the quality of your website. Pay close attention to bandwidth and speed when trying to search for a good shared plan. Also, the much bigger the website will be, the more storage you’ll need. Additional disk safety is very nice, however, this feature is not typically would include.

Customer Support

Support is quite important. When you’re fresh to web hosting, support is going to be your face, your hands, and all else. That is why we recommend you to surf the web and search reviews for information on the support of your web host candidates. You can also browse via threads where people discuss shared hosting to give you an insider’s review So how is this support so important? When you start taking your steps

Activation Instantly.

All of your packages (except for dedicated hosting) are immediately allowed. Only complete your registration and payment procedures and your project is LIVE-immediately.

One-Click Installations!

With our Quick Install tool, accessible for all web hosting plans, you can create any type of website: blog, forum, CMS, wiki, photo album, e-commerce store, and more! Since HosterPort is running on Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, thousands of existing systems and software are consistent.


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