If you want to prank with your friends or family members then the fake caller id application is the option to entertain yourself. through this application, you can change the caller id and can make fun prank with friends while changing your voice in girls’ voices. You can also record this voice and share it with friends as well. So these applications will make some prank with your friends. So we have listed the latest Fake caller id Applications for Android users in 2020 which are described below

Fake Caller ID Free — Would you like to prank with your friends and family members through mobile calls? if yes, then you are in the right place because this is one of the best fake call apps that can help you to rescue from the uncomfortable places or meeting through fake calls. You can also make prank with your friends via Fake caller id by changing the voice into the girl’s voice. So you must download this application to make some fun with friends.

Caller ID Announcer — Are you looking for a way to figure out who calls you without looking at your phone? Caller id announcer is a wonderful caller name announcer that announces a great quality voice from phone speakers. Caller name announcer is highly useful in many situations like you are studying and your smartphone is in another room or during driving, the phone is in your pocket and someone sends you an SMS. Ringer modes settings and other lots of customizations.

Fake call prank — A fake call is a useful tool that can pretend that someone is calling to you. Thanks to the incoming phone calls you can leave the meeting or stop an uncomfortable conversation. It’s the best way to avoid unwanted talks or events. You can customize the call so it will look as realistic as possible. Change caller name, number or photo.

Fake Call Simulator — This is an application that allows you to simulate fake calls, you just have to enter the name or number of who you want to call you and the time you want to receive the call. With this application, you can simulate fake calls to leave unwanted conversations or make a joke to your friends. Fake call simulator is useful for abandoning unwanted conversations pretending that someone is calling you and that you have a commitment

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