OET writing sub-test, asks the aspirant to write a formal letter after going through the case studies given by the board. You will be provided with the information in a note format, where all the information will be provided point wise, only a gist of the whole plot. You will have to write down the whole letter after gathering your points and exaggerating the limited content.

As there will be adding new words and sentences on your own, the English skills are checked on how you use words and where you use them. How accurate the writing is, grammar and vocabulary.

How to complete sentences?

For scoring better you need to connect sentences and have a good flow of thoughts, that you can write on your paper for the evaluator. To connect sentences and give meaning to the sentence or paragraph you need to be strong with prepositions, articles, verbs, auxiliary words, connecting words, nouns, verbs, conjunctions or pronouns. You have to revise your basics and go so that you have no difficulty in the main examination. Construction of sentences can only come properly when you have a good command over English. Use small words to connect, writing a letter from key points may not be that hard as you think because the whole plot will be handed out and there will be no mere confusion.

Tips for writing the letter

The best way to write a formal letter from case study notes is by practicing them beforehand. When you have practiced case study writing then in the main examination you will not have to face the difficulty of forming sentences and writing a proper formal letter expressing your views and opinions. You can rephrase the keywords and notes into a better version and present it on your paper. 

You can write better by analyzing the whole case study and brainstorm ideas, and not just re-framing the notes into the paper. And extra details that are not mentioned in the notes, that way you can write more with limited information creating a good impact on the evaluator. Also, you can connect points to points to organize the whole content in a format, it will be easier for you to write and the reader to understand. 


Mr. Marvin Andrew, a 56-year-old, is a patient in the medical ward, in which you are the nurse taking care of him? 

 Hospital: Social Public Hospital, 41 Main Street road. 

Patient details 

Name: Marvin Andrew (Mr)

 Marital status: Married 

 Residence: Community Retirement Home, New town

 Next of kin: Bill, doctor (single, working in the states)

                      Andrea, journalist (married, working abroad)

Admission date: 05 April 2017

 Discharge date: 15 April 2017

 Diagnosis: Dengue

 Past medical history: High sugar level, high BP, heart stroke.

Social background: Engineer in electronics and communication.  Weight gain. Friendly and calm.   

On admission – had a high fever, with sour throat pain. Joint and muscle pain. Had a feeling of headaches, vomiting and fatigue, and eye pain.


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