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Learn How To Promote Your ICO With The Most Credible Strategies!

The current business sphere is rapidly evolving into digitization and digitized businesses nowadays are more inclined towards the decentralized market because of the many advantages and the efficiency it offers. One of the most important fundraising mechanisms in the cryptosphere is ICO( Initial Coin Offering). ICO is a method where startups crowdfund capital for their business by trading their coin for cryptocurrencies.

The reason why ICO is gaining more traction from investors is because ICO is unregulated, and brings in huge returns compared to the initial investment. Also, the company doesn;t have to pay anything back from what they raised through ICO. With the demand and popularity constantly growing for ICOs, if you want to create your own ICO and survive among your competitors, you need to give keen importance to your marketing strategies, and make them unique and credible. Let’s find out what are the steps to achieve that.


Credible Marketing strategies for ICO


  • Whitepaper 

A whitepaper is a key guide that helps your target audience understand and learn about your project. You have to create a legitimate, detailed whetaper for your ICO, explaining each and every detail that the audience needs to know.   It should comprise the idea behind the ICO, benefits, legal aspects, what solutions it will offer to the existing problems etc. Whitepaper is the element that decides the fortune of the company. So it is important that you make it look good.


  • Website creation and promotion  

Your website is the first thing that your investors will look for about your project. First impression is the best impression. So you have to make sure to create an attractive, user-friendly website for your customers that is also easily navigable to grab their attention towards your project. It is also important that you promote your website through digital marketing, and social media platforms to gain more traction from global investors.


  • SEO( Search Engine Optimization) 

SEO is the best possible way to achieve organic reach for your ICO business. SEO strategies will decide the search engine popularity of your website. For Blockchain based businesses, SEO activities include both on-page and off-page optimization. Hire the best SEO team to do it the right way for you.


  • PPC( Pay Per Click) 

Pay per click like options are trending and more applicable for crypto based businesses. You can sign for google ads like adwords and promote your ICO.


  • Social Media Marketing 

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for marketing which has the potential to reach a wider audience all around the globe. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Telegram etc, if used rightly, will gain you huge traction and make your ICO viral among global potential investors.


  • Email and Newsletter

 Figuring out a set of potential investors for your business, and constantly email blasting and sending them newsletters about improvisations, latest advancements in your business  etc will gain their attention and interest to stay connected to your business. These are some of the most sound marketing strategies which you can follow for your ICO which will guarantee reputation and maximum reach for your business. There are many more to it! If you want to make your ICO viral in the market, and gain a competitive advantage over the existing ICOs , conduct extensive research and choose the best ico marketing company with a team of skilled, seasoned marketing professionals.

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