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Learn How To Enhance Your Family’s Indoor Comfort

Temperature determines how comfortable and relaxing your home is. Making simple adjustments in your home especially your air conditioning system significantly enhances comfort. Additionally, it influences energy efficiency without compromising home enjoyment. Continue reading below to learn how to enhance home comfort while making your air conditioner reach full potential.

Manage thermostat setting

Temperatures indoors is nearly triple digits in warmer months especially when the air conditioner is off. It is quite hard to bring down this high temperature to a reasonably enough for everyone at home to cool off. Quick air conditioning puts extreme pressure on the central air unit. This has to double effort making it use additional energy for the extended running time. It makes the unit prone to wearing out much faster.

Leave the air conditioner on when out with the thermostat set at five degrees more than if you were home. This keeps the heat load indoors under control. When back home, there are less chances of unnecessary stress and the air conditioner will cool the home instantly. It is a good idea to keep the AC on when away from home. Apart from saving time and money, your air conditioning system lasts longer.

Service and repair your AC

An efficient running air conditioner is essential for home comfort. The air conditioning unit breaks down with time. This might result from various factors including age and neglecting service and repair. To avoid putting your home comfort on the line, relying on Houston air conditioning repair services is inevitable. This includes periodic inspection to determine parts that need replacing and cleaning. Changing the filter is essential to keep your AC working efficiently with less chances of breakdown.

Seal the windows and doors

Never ignore cracks and crevices in your windows and doors. These might cause uneven air temperature indoors. Presence of these encourages entry of hot or cold air from outside to compromise comfort in your home. This also encourages entry of allergens putting your household at risk of breathing complications and allergies. Avoiding this requires sealing all windows and doors properly to ensure good indoor air quality and to maintain a stable temperature.

Some DIY solutions to fix cracks and crevices include filling with foam, rubber strips, and caulking. Additionally, placing draft snakes at the bottom or the windows and doors is a temporary solution to keep out air from outside. Sealing and weather stripping lowers running costs of the air conditioner and maintains good indoor air quality.

Attic insulation

Another way to boost comfort in your home is insulating the attic. This is usually dirty and filled with pathogens and dust particles. The temperature in the attic plays significant impact on the overall home temperature. Attic temperature reaches up to 130 degrees with heat absorbed outside during the summer. As the air conditioner operates, cooled air in the dusts surrounded by dirty hot air in the attic before reacting with cooled air.

Presence of leaks and holes in the ducts encourages the dirty attic air to get into your supply of clean air. This makes it contaminated and hot making your AC to work much harder and longer to clean this air continuously. Insulating the attic manages the prevailing heat load. This is possible through spray foam insulation or use of fiber-glass. Heat entering the attic is absorbed into these materials before contaminating the air. A professional HVAC technician will recommend the most appropriate method to insulate your attic. This limits chances of external heat in this space.

Use the ceiling fans

Ceilings fans are often overlooked when the option for central air conditioning is available. However, ceiling fans are surprisingly economical and efficient when used correctly. The summertime setting on the ceiling fan includes blades spinning counter clockwise. This encourages the blades to blow air downward to the center of the room. A counter clockwise motion stirs up the air to create a breezy feeling. A higher power setting offers the best summer cool breeze.

Alternatively, wintertime setting on the fan has blades spinning clockwise. This movement mixes stratified air while sucking in colder air from the room and pushing warmer air into the room. For more warm air set the fan at a lower speed. Clean the fans before use and have the blades positioned at more than 12 degrees angle. Using the ceiling fans lowers running time for the air conditioner. This lowers the energy bill and helps you contribute to saving the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

Bottom line

An air conditioner is an essential accessory when it comes to ensuring home comfort. This ensures optimal temperature for a pleasant environment while maintaining good indoor air quality. Regular service and maintenance of the AC is essential to guarantee a comfortable home throughout the year. Additionally, your family is safe from breathing problems, asthma attacks, and allergies.

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