There are plenty of applications available in the Google play store which entertain the Android users. but the Fake call application is one of the best entertaining applications. if your feeling bored so this will help you to avoid your boring situations. Through these applications, you make some fun with your friends or family members by allowing that some of the VIP people are calling like Dunal Tramp, Imran khan, Modi, etc. So we have listed the latest Fake calling application for Android users which are listed below.

Fake Caller ID free — Fake Caller ID free is one of the best application for android users. this app will help the users to get some fake calling experience. there are a lot of simple other features that allow you to prank you with your friends and family member through this Fake caller id Free app. this application is totally free of cost and the use of this app is very simple you just need to download from play store and then use it very simply.

Fake call — this is another best prank calling app on the android platform. this app is more professional from the other apps it will rescue from the awkward situations. You can prank call with your friends and family members through this app. the graphics of this application are awesome. So download now from the google play store.

Prankster — This is one of the most popular applications use for prank calls with friends and family members. this app will allow you to prank with individual people throughout the world. if you like to prank with your friends or co-worker so this is the best option for you to use this application. this is totally free app and can easily download.

Free fake caller ID app — This is one of the most popular apps in the world. This app will help you to make fun with your friends and co-worker. personally I am using this app and give me a lot of entertainment. UI of this is very eye-catching. So download this app and prank with friends and co-workers or other peoples.

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