JC091 Insertion Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeter

BCST Battery Electromagnetic Flowmeter is a new fluid flowmeter developed based on pipe-type electromagnetic flowmeter. Besides preserving the merits of pipe-type electromagnetic flowmeter and considering such defects of pipe-type electromagnetic flowmeter as difficult installation on large pipes and high cost.

Compared to ordinary electromagnetic flowmeter, sensor of BCST insertion electromagnetic flowmeter generates external emission magnetic field on outer side. The measuring electrodes are at the ends or on both sides of the sensor. Principle of electromagnetic flowmeter is shown in the figure below. It is noteworthy that in external emission magnetic field, the induction signal of electromagnetic flow sensor will reduce the linearity of measurement in case of being affected by fluid and thickness of the magnetic field’s boundary layer.

In terms of JC091 insertion electromagnetic flowmeter, conducting liquid in pipeline is the conductor moving in magnetic field and distance between two electrodes is the length (L) of conductor.

Accuracy±0.5%~±1.5% (under reference conditions)
Caliber (mm)DN100~DN3000DN100~DN3000
FlangeConforming to GB9119, stainless steel
Pressure rating1.6MPa
Material of converter housingDie-cast aluminum alloy
Material of sensor housingStainless steel
Material of sensor structureStainless steel/PVDF
Weight6 kg
Electrical conductivity≥5μs/cm (negotiate with us for ordering in case of less than 5μs/cm)
Electrode 316L, hastelloy, titanium, tantalum and platinum
Protection gradeIP65IP65/IP67(IP68 is optional to sensor)
Medium temperature-25℃~80℃-25℃~120℃
Ambient temperature-25℃~60℃
Effect of ambient temperature<±0.1%/10℃ or <±0.25%/10℃
Repetitiveness≤±0.01% or ≤±0.25%
Analog output error≤±0.02mA
Flow rate within measuring range≤10m/s
Available to be buried≤5m (only IP68)
Electrical connectionM20*1.5 seal, G1/2 and NPT1/2
Sensor cable<30M (negotiate with us for ordering in case of over length)

How to order JC091 Insertion Remote Electromagnetic Flowmeter


Pipe size

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Working temperature

Power supply

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