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is social media a blessing or a curse?

Social networking is not a blessing for students.

Social networks are not good for students. Social networks are a waste of time and distract students from their school work. Also, students are under enormous pressure from their friends to keep their profiles up to date. It can be overwhelming for students to have to take care of a second, online identity.

Social networking is networking

Social networking is simply an evolution of social communication, and its strengths and weaknesses are found offline in day-to-day interactions as well. The internet simply amplifies these factors and effects. So it’s simply the evolution of human communication, and needs to be embraced instead of fought against. That’s something we need to learn.

Yes, social networking is good for students.

Although social networking comes with its own problems, there is no doubt that it has benefits for today’s young people and that the kind of communication they have with each other can foster better relationships and more interaction. This can help studies as well as social situations, and probably this will change the shape of information gathering over the next decade.

Children need it

As to my opinion they can keep friendships with others.They can spend their leisure effectively.And also kind of fun too.Enjoyable.No stress they feel happy.They can do many favourite things by it.I think children need social networks.Im sure.So as the technology moves up children should allow to be on social networks…

Social networking is a blessing for students.

Social networking is a blessing for students. It is not only a blessing to them but for everyone that wants to contact people from all over the world without having to leave their home. I think students can make friends with whomever they want and if they are forced to move by their parents one day then those friendships are not lost.

It can be, but also a curse.

Social networking can be great for students because you can organize study groups, keep in touch with people, and share information at an unbelievable pace. However, it can also be a curse because there are a lot of negative things that happen on social media that can harm students too.

In moderation it is…

Social networking can be a blessing or a curse for a huge number of groups, and it, like so many other things, can only be considered in the context of how people use it. Social networking can benefit students or professionals in general, allowing long distance collaboration and increases in the availability of information.

Social networking sites are NOT a blessing.

Many popular social network sites are adding more unnecessary stress to student’s lives. The increase of social networks, in addition to their widespread use, has created the demand for people to be available 24/7. This completely removes any sense of privacy that once existed. These days, youth are never really alone, and because of this bullying has also become a serious risk.

No, social networking isn’t a blessing for young people.

Social networking is not a blessing for students. It can make them feel left out if they don’t have a large social network. It can also be an added stress, since kids are not only living their real lives, but also additional virtual lives where they often try to present a different persona than they really have. Cyber bullying is also a real risk, and another reason social networking is anything but a blessing.

No not a blessing just a change in society

Social networking is not a blessing for students but rather a shift in society. If they didn’t have social networking there would be a different form of communication there. Social networking is simply the current trend in the times and will be replaced by future technology in the years to come.

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