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Insights on Career Options after Industrial Safety Course

Hailed as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Indian workforce attracts more than 10 lakh people monthly as per industry reports and is also deemed to be the youngest and fastest growing workforce. With such rapidly increasing and gigantic workforce, it becomes essential for organizations to address health and safety of every individual in the workforce, more so when according to industry survey reports, the deaths reported due to occupational accidents continue to be grim, with the last yearly data indicating more than 40,000 deaths.

Government Endeavours to Increase Employability in Industrial Safety

With the government laying emphasis on industrial safety with rules, policies, procedures and legal frameworks that organizations are bound to adhere with, there is a strong recognition of the significance of industrial health and safety concerns within organizations. Organizations are now cognizant, ensuring due measures are in place to avoid or control industrial hazards by deploying mechanisms and practices for risk mitigation, boosting people and departments to oversee, negate and swiftly restore the inadvertent situations that may arise out of mismanagement or attributable to adverse circumstances, with the sole intention of limiting damage to assets be it humans, premises or environment at large.

Scope for Industrial Safety Professionals in Diverse Industries

Several industry reports indicate the dearth of industrial safety professionals and specialists leading to a staggering gap in the demand and supply of this niche domain skilling resource. The growth parameters for India showing a strong upward trend has led to a constant rise of foreign direct investment into India, providing organizations more impetus for growth and creating avenues for expansion, resulting in scaling up of workforces, with requisite emphasis on building core capabilities. Almost every organization necessitates safety standards and protocols with specialists responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and long-term strategies, implying thereby the dire need for industrial safety professionals, connoting immense job security and high indispensability aspects associated with the profession.

Alongside garnering niche roles, the industrial safety professionals can easily manoeuvre between diverse industries due to the ubiquitous aspect of industrial safety roles, allowing them to be deemed suitable across industry verticals, signifying the wide scope the profession has to offer. The stringent safety practices and norms deployed in organizations world-wide, augurs well for the industrial safety domain, making it a global profession with an astounding career potential across the world.

One could chart a career in industrial safety in almost any industry and sector ranging from aviation, automobiles, logistics, home appliances, pharma, healthcare, oil, and gases, retail, manufacturing, construction, auditing and management consulting to name a few. Industrial safety career growth prospects are immense with diverse hierarchical structured roles and vary industry-wise such as Industrial Trainee, Industrial Safety Engineers, Safety managers, Health and Safety Specialist, Process Safety Specialist, Manager OHS [Occupational, Health & Safety], Head – Environment Health & Safety [EHS], Chief Safety Officer, and the like. Pay scales are consequent based on the qualification acquired, job title, skills, experience, industry vertical, and sector employed in.

To be able to establish oneself in the industrial safety domain, one must have a strong understanding of the subject by virtue of acquiring knowledge and certification through a valid government recognized institute. The aspiring professional must undergo an industrial safety course and acquire a diploma in safety management to be able to make inroads in this niche domain possessing tremendous career options and growth potential.

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