The humble pepper and salt grinders come with a set of fixed levels of grinding blades. The powder that you derive to season your salads or pizzas from the traditional grinders is either coarse or fine granules. 

However, the modern salt and pepper grinders have distinct blades that offer different varieties in fine and coarse seasoning to suit your broccoli soups or paneer burritos. The coarse salt like Pink Himalayan salt can be ground promptly for your Raitas, or the Sandwiches with ease and fineness. The seasoning will surely capture your guest’s attention to details and leave him craving for more.


Style vs. Aesthetics appearance


Folks have grown up watching their mothers religiously grinding the salt and pepper in the kitchen to season tomatoes, cucumber salads or the flavored vegetable rice using the wooden grinders. The taste and the spice that oozed out of the seasoning is no match to the modern grinders. They were robust and solid and permanently a part of the kitchen cabinets. The wooden grinders jog our memory to the childhood days. 

However, the modern grinders are stylish and trendy matching our exotic taste in cooking. The outer bodies are made out of steel and plastic, while the grinder blades are made of ceramic. They look extremely elegant and sit well on our shelves without any worries. The grinders surely draw a lot of attention in terms of its appearance and value. The ceramic blades do not corrode if you grind salt and is beneficial in the long run.


Wrapping it up!!!


Salt and pepper grinders selections are a matter of taste and personal choice. No doubt they have made the jobs easy for the simple housewife or the Michelin star chefs with its heavy-duty blades. Salads, Noodles, Burritos, Wraps, Flavored Rice, and Curries have gained star status due to the perfect seasoning via grinders. Our demands for the grinders lie in the fact that they offer fresh and scented seasoning timely without any pressure. 


The old wooden grinders were the first of its type and the folks love it how it’s balanced their recipes. They withstood the times and pressures and became the indispensable part of the kitchenware. The modern grinders are an improvement over the old grinders. It has surprisingly created a niche for itself, due to its ease in handling and quality. 

For the full-time chefs and bakers, the grinder has eased their effort and time spent in the kitchens. With a simple button-press, the grinders offer finest to coarse seasoning for the delicious recipes. It’s tough to envisage life in the kitchen without the salt and pepper grinders both modern and the older ones.

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