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importance of having friends

Friends are the secret reservoirs. Friends are the ones to share all the little and large secrets and happening of the life.

Secrets about our crush, the kiss, the date, our family problems, the mishaps, the embarrassing moments, the funny stories and the list cover anything and everything in life.

in difficult situations they help us to boost our confidence. the best thing i like about having friends that once it is strong no tornadoes or hurricane will ever be able to break it

life without friends are extremely boring. You are then deprived of that important happiness you should have during your school days. Those who don’t have or who don’t make friends are actually, sort of, in my view, are harming themselves as they would not be able to share there problems. There are some problems that a person faces during his school years and sometimes that problem can’t be discussed with parents(in some cases) and sometimes only friends are able to solve it.
So i suggest people should make friends to boost their life’s happiness but also to be kept in mind the responsibility towards it
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  • May 19, 2017

    Best friends stick together till the end, They are like a straight line that will not bend.

    They trust each other forever,

    No matter if your apart you are together.

    They can be your hero and save the day,

    They will never leave your side they are here to stay.

    They help you up when you fall,

    Your true friends are best of all.”

  • May 19, 2017

    Yes…. Friends referred to our second family, they are the one who also knows our secret.. That is why we need them to be part of our life.

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