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I Am Pakistan

There are many stereotypical images these days among st Pakistani nationals and foreigners about the people of Pakistan being corrupt, criminals, uneducated and extremists.

In other words they say that  Pakistan is a bad country. However, I do not only feel indeed I can claim that this is not Pakistan.

Pakistan comprises of versatile, talented and peaceful people who aspire to do great things for the nation. Pakistanis are not corrupt, hypocrites or criminals;in fact they are the people who devote their lives for the well being of the country.

Thousands of times the question “what is actually Pakistan” arose in my mind. The answer to this is that I am Pakistan, our countries youth that works hard to succeed,our teachers who serve the nation by spreading their knowledge,our parents who rear great children that light Pakistan’s name with pride and our loyal soldiers are Pakistan.

Pakistan is the largest and best producer of hand sewed footballs producing 40-60 million footballs a year,which is 50-70% of the total production of footballs in the world Brazuca the official football for FIFA 2014 was made in Pakistan.

The world’s largest deep-sea  port, Gawadar is in Pakistan.Pakistan is the first Islamic country in the world to attain nuclear power. The Karakorum Highway is the highest paved international road in the world. Muhammad Ilyas who is the youngest civil judge in the world belongs to Pakistan.

Pakistan has the largest canal based irrigation system in the world. Inspite of the general perception that Pakistanis do not contribute to saving lives,Pakistan yet has the largest running network of ambulances. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world.

K2 that is the world’s second highest peak is located in Pakistan. Khewra salt mines are the world’s second largest salt mines producing 350,000 tons of salt per year.

The world’s ninth-largest subtropical desert is located on the border of India and Pakistan. Shandur Polo Ground is the world’s highest polo ground also known as”the roof of the world “.

In the past five years Pakistan’s literacy rate has grown by 250%;this is largest increase in any country to date.World’s youngest certified Microsoft experts; Arfa Kareem(late) and Babar Iqbal are Pakistanis.

Pakistan has the sixth largest military force in the world. Pakistan’s national anthem tune ranks first in the top three tunes of the world. Fourth largest broadband internet system is in Pakistan.

Pakistan is notable for having one of the best trained air-force pilots in the world. The highest railway station of Asia is in Pakistan.

The first PC virus was created by two Pakistani brothers; that is not to be proud of, but the pride lies in the fact that they had the brains to do so. Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan hailed as the most important Qawwali singer of the twentieth century.

Pakistan has the world’s seventh largest pool of scientists and engineers. The Shah Faisal  mosque in Islamabad can accommodate 100,000 worshipers.

Air Commodore MM Alam (late) has a world record of shooting five planes in less than a minute.The fastest woman runner of Asia Ms. Naseem Hameed is a Pakistani national.

These remarkable people and facts are Pakistan. This height and this greatness is Pakistan and these are the facts that every Pakistani should be proud of. I feel that being labeled hurts, but the only label with which you and I both feel pride with is “Pakistani “.

Pakistanis are not the ones who blasted ASP, Pakistanis are not the ones who blasted the Jinnah International Airport(Karachi), they are not the ones who murder.They are not venal,in fact the ones who do all these brutal deeds are not Pakistanis, but terrorists and even if they are living in Pakistan they are not to be called Pakistanis.

I feel that all Pakistanis are soldiers,some with and some without a uniform and all of them are struggling hard to make this country as pure and as good as gold.Our forces, our teachers, our parents and even our farmers who work on fields day and night and perspire to provide their country with a handsome revenue are to be appreciated.

Our brave nationals Rashid Minhas Shaheed,Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Aitizaz Hassan Shaheed and many more who gave their lives for the sustenance of this country are to be saluted.

There is a vehemence of belonging and patriotism in every Pakistani that takes them and Pakistan to the roads of success. I wish that all terrorism and corruption is obsolete from Pakistan so that it may be recognized as a peaceful country which it actually is but, because of some people it’s true image is being obscured.



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