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How to Write a Short Story and how to improve writing skill

Your inspirations goes in trash if not implemented. My point is to acquire inspiration and mould it into a good story. The first and foremost way to improve your writing skills is to read as much as you can. One must read all kinds of books, novels, plays, short-stories even poetries, prose and essays.

Consistent reading will help you secure a good vocabulary. Though, reading alone won’t improve your writing skills. Therefore to improve story writing skills there are certain points to be considered:

Follow writing exercises: This I’ve already stated earlier and would emphasize again that one must write regularly. An aspiring writer must write at least 15 to 20 minutes every day. Even if nothing comes to your head still try and write down any vague thought or idea.
Try writing classes: Writing classes will definitely help you to learn about the skills of writing not just stories but commercial writing as well. The creative genius in you will be revealed. This is what content writers are famous for.
Practice writing describing different things: A writer must try and explore in order to build a good tiny story. Any writer should keep writing on different people, animals, objects and along with it also try to write on emotions, feelings. A good writer would know how well to describe these things.
Try to be grammatically correct (error free): One thing a writer should make sure of is that any reader can understand what you write. People now days use slangs in their languages. Even the language has lost its true meaning and being considered as texting language for example: ‘wats ds’. Therefore try avoiding such words.
Story should come from your heart: the more you are close to this fact less will be the complications you will suffer. If words come directly from your heart then it would definitely touch reader’s heart as well. And it is not just about the heart. As Eliot stated, try to use “unified sensibility”.
Try and connect to what you write or read then put that feeling into your work you would surely achieve good results.

And lastly listen to every sort of criticisms and apply which are helpful for your benefits.

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Comments to: How to Write a Short Story and how to improve writing skill
  • October 7, 2017

    Think of yourself as a medium, or a vehicle, for a story that wants to be told. You may have some idea about where things are going, but don’t create too many constraints for yourself. The story will unfold if you are ready to work hard on keeping up with what it has to say.

  • October 9, 2017

    Your approach looks sound . I really like short stories and the fact you can write one reasonably quickly is a plus. The skills involved in writing short stories are different to writing novels . There are lots good novelist that can’t manage to write a good short story .I suggest you start to write them from the beginning . I think it is a good idea to alternate, books on writing and fiction .

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