Nothing can be better than relieving your stress on a long vacation to an exotic place. Traveling is proven to be one of the best methods to refresh your mind. Mountains, beaches, or verdant valleys, each of them have their own healing auras that you can experience, and all you need is a bag full of essentials. Frankly, packing the luggage is the only trouble that bothers a traveler before or during the trip. Although you must decide properly on keeping the stuff that you need the most to enjoy your vacation, you wouldn’t want to leave your vaping kit behind on a stress-buster trip, would you?


Vape users understand the pleasure a good hit can provide in a fantastic atmosphere, and there is no opportunity better than bringing your vape gear to the vacation. Lack of equipment in a new place can turn your mood sour. So how should we tackle such a situation? Traveling with vape gear can sure be troublesome, but there is nothing that a few smart tips cannot mend. In case you are curious about these questions, we are here to help you out. Here is how to travel correctly with your vape kit and enjoy your dream vacation without stress!

Most frequently asked question

E-cigarettes and vapes do not exactly have the reputation of being carried or used explicitly, though people can still carry them legally to a lot of places. New vapers or travelers often have the question of whether it is permitted to carry vape gear or not. Fortunately, you are allowed to travel with vape gear and e-cigarettes though the approval comes with a lot of regulations that one must follow to carry the product legally. Following all the rules carefully before boarding the plane can benefit you while not doing so can also lead you to face inconvenience.


Carrying vape gear on a flight

We all know how lengthy the list of restricted items can be on a flight, but each of them has its purpose for ensuring the safety of passengers. Devices like an Evod vape pen are allowed to carry while traveling, though a few conditions apply while carrying it. You cannot carry vape gear in your checked luggage. As the gear have a chance of causing an explosion during handling, it is not allowed to carry electronic devices in your check-in luggage. However, taking vaporizers in your carry bag is permissible by the authorities. You cannot smoke on the flight, but you can bring them safely on vacation in your carry bag. Equipment as such usually goes through a security check before boarding the flight, but that should not worry you at all. You can get the best vaping gear available from

E liquid


Airport authorities are very persistent when it comes to putting a limit on carrying stuff. Similarly, there are restrictions on carrying liquids with you on a flight. You can only take a limited amount of liquid on the plane. The limitation is equally applicable to the vape liquids. Drop the idea of bringing huge bottles of e-liquids. Rather than getting them confiscated by the airport officials, it is only wise that you carry small bottles of e-liquid as per the directed norms of the airport. Whether you bring them with you, or are buying it from your travel destination, opt for keeping a limited amount of vape liquid only.  Check out the different e-liquids and distillate Canada products near you. 



Aviation authorities prohibit carrying Lithium-ion batteries in your checked luggage, so rather than keeping them in the luggage, you can keep them inside your handbag. Do not just pack them loosely in your carry-on. Have a separate case to keep the batteries safe and then store them inside your bag. Keeping your pieces of equipment sorted beforehand allows you to get through the security passage without any hassle. Getting an extra battery from a weed vape store near you would also be helpful.

Research well before reaching

Norms change as soon as your location changes, so preparing yourself in advance for such instances is the best way you can follow to save yourself from any potential inconvenience. Several places explicitly prohibit the usage and carrying of vape devices, Oman, Mexico, Turkey, Taiwan, and Singapore being a few of them. Rather than illegally bringing them with you for the sake of enjoying the vacation, you must go through the vaping laws of that particular area and try your best not to violate the regulations.

Keep these points in mind when you plan to carry your vape gear while traveling. Maintain the safety and cleanliness of your device, and you will never run out of a fun time with your vape gear. Happy traveling!

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