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How To Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly?

In this digital world, mobile traffic has gone up to 51% of all the traffic on the net. In 2017, mobile searches surpassed computer/laptop usages. For online business owners, it is necessary to address this growing number of mobile phone users by creating a mobile-friendly website design.

Apple set this trend with the launch of its first smartphone. Since then, mobiles phones have become a regular part of day to day life of everyone. If the people landing on your site via mobile phone don’t have a good user experience, you will drive away from the number of potential customers away from your business.

Nowadays, it’s vital to make your website mobile-friendly as it is the crucial ranking factor on Google. Here are the five ways to make your site mobile friendly-

  1. Responsive web design

Responsive web design means a website shrinks to fit all the content and information on the devices of any size. With a responsive website, you don’t have to exclude any information displayed on the desktop version of the site. Instead you can fit all the content into the small screen of the mobile.

With the introduction of mobile indexing as the significant ranking factor for Google, a mobile-friendly website is now more than necessary. Otherwise, your site won’t be ranked on Google. You will need to hire a top-notch web designer to build you a fully responsive web design for your website.

  1. Include viewpoints and meta tags

The easiest way to control the way a website show on the mobile is a viewpoint meta tag. If the website opened on the mobile has the same width as its desktop version, then it will result in awkward horizontal scrolling in order to read each line of the text. With this function, browser can fit the width of the page according to the size of the device on which it is viewed.

  1. Make button large so that it can be used from mobiles phones

It’s really easy to click the buttons of any size on the desktop/laptops. But when it comes to smartphones, it is awkward to click the small buttons with fingers. The task becomes difficult when there are simultaneous small buttons too close to one another. A web designer can save customers from this by creating bigger buttons that are easier to use on mobile phones.

  1. Compress the images

When it comes to the speed of the website, you want it to be fast. The speed is even more important for mobile devices. To decrease the load time of your website, you can compress the high-resolution images and CSS. The results would be a faster site without affecting the quality of the photos.

  1. Use a large font size

It’s better to use a large font size on the mobile version of your website because reading on the small screen devices is not easy. A web designer makes sure that the content on the site is readable without the need to zoom or anything. The web design company will make sure your website looks and work well on mobile devices.

  1. Turn Autocorrect for Forms 

Something it’s simple not to consider is the little ways autocorrect can make a client’s connection with your website progressively badly designed. In case, you have frames on your website that request name or address data, one little way you can make giving that data simpler on your visitors is to remove autocorrect for each structure field.

  1. Make Your Button Sizes Large Enough to Work on Mobile

It’s sufficiently simple to tap on a catch of pretty much any size with a mouse, however when that is no joke “click” with your fingers on a little cell phone screen, little fastens are difficult to manage. What’s more, that is particularly valid if there are numerous little fastens near one another – squeezing one while attempting to press another will cause genuine irritation for your site visitors.

The ideal approach to spare your guests from this dissatisfaction is to utilize greater catches. Whenever you add a catch to your site (and for every one of those as of now there), set aside some effort to test them out yourself on anyway numerous cell phones you can rummage up among your representatives and family. Ensure choosing each catch is sensibly simple on all the gadgets and, if it’s not, update it, so it is.

  1. Utilize Large Font Sizes. 

Reading on a little screen is that a lot harder if the text style is minor. It’s ideal to utilize a text dimension of in any event 14px on your website pages, however, feel free to try out what that looks like to check whether going greater could be better here.

It’s likewise best to stay with standard textual styles. Any text style your guest’s program may need to download will back off to what extent it takes your website to stack, which is awful news on versatile.

Why hire a web designing agency?

A website is an essential part of any online business. It is what people will see and base their decision upon. If your website is not perfect or have some technical flaw, then people won’t come back to your business. Hiring a web designing company in India is the best way to get your website up and running in no time.

Depending on the work, your website needs a designer and developer will design your site according to your business. So, hire the best web designing company today to make your website mobile-friendly.


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