Vacation season is coming up, and hardly anyone is heading for their dream destination. People are locked in their homes and aren’t likely to go anywhere any time soon. Whether you continue with your work at home or not, the home environment is going to feel dull after only a few days of being locked in. While you can’t travel and spend time in a real hotel, you can still create a hotel-like atmosphere in your home. Here’s how you do it.

Put some wallpapers up

Before the virus situation, we didn’t really need particularly wild and colourful dwellings. You likely wouldn’t get bored of your home because you’re not constantly cooped up inside. You go to work, spend time with friends, and do the things you generally enjoy outside. However, when you’re spending almost twenty-four hours indoors in your home, the while walls start to look dull and boring. 

You probably wouldn’t want to manically apply a new paint job to your walls on your own. Not only would it make a mess, but you’d also need to paint it again once you get tired of the new colour. If you need a fresh new look, you could always try wallpapers. 

They’re a great way to add some personality to a room and make it look like a fancy hotel room suite. You don’t need much effort to put them up, nor take them down. You can use some of the wildest and most interesting prints to make your home look like a special resort that you designed. Once you grow tired of one pattern, you could set up another one with ease.

Have bubbly with your bubble bath

Let’s face it, being locked-in during quarantine leaves people with a lot of free time. There’s no reason to rush things and live like your day is too short to relax. It’s important that you enjoy all the little things you can arrange for yourself. Make a five-star experience of your own with some lighting and a good mood.

Why not run a bubble bath for yourself every once in a while? Set up a few candles, pour out some bubbly wine, and play music. Do all the things you would at a hotel spa. If you’ve got time on your hands, use it to create a bit of extra comfort and enjoyment for yourself. It costs you nothing while giving you a memorable experience. 

Switch up the arrangement

It’s hard to say what makes your home truly interesting and unique, but the overall arrangement and design are strong contenders. Where you put your furniture anchors your view and gives you focal points to look at. When you switch things up, it can feel like you’re in an entirely different home. It might be time to make some changes in these times of isolation. 

This is a great way to practice your Feng Shui. Check how you can turn your home into a completely different atmosphere by just moving things around. Instead of making the focus of the room the TV or entertainment centre, you can arrange the seating so that it’s centred on a coffee table. This is a great way to improve the social mood of the home and start conversations. People are focused on each other instead of content on the TV.

Play interior decorator and add some new pieces of art into the mix. See how well they blend with the new arrangement. Maybe you wanted to try out a different look for your bedroom. Now’s the right time to experiment with design ideas.

Enjoy a gorgeous outdoor view

There’s no greater boon in this trying time than having a backyard. When you can’t spend time in the real outdoors, having a slice of nature next to your home is a blessing. It might not hold a candle to camping or spending time at the beach, but it’s still something. 

Although, you can make it feel even more like a personal resort with some adjustments. If you’ve ever wanted a pool, now would be the most ideal time to introduce one to your backyard. There’s nothing that says “five-star luxury” quite like your own pool. The good news is that pool building and landscaping companies continue to do business during the pandemic, allowing you to create your luxury oasis in a time of need. 

Speaking of having an outdoor oasis, what good is a tropical paradise without the right plants? If you’re going to be sunbathing and spending time in the pool, introduce hedges for some privacy. Plant a couple of vines around your home’s exterior to add more greenery. A few flowers here and there wouldn’t hurt either. The more the merrier.

Create a designated fun zone

When you’re stuck at home, every room is a spot to relax in. While this might sound nice in theory, it gets old pretty fast. You don’t want every part of your home to merge into one big quarantine prison that feels the same. It’s important that you get in your zone when you need to relax, unwind, and take your mind off of things.

Choose a room that will be your fun zone, where you’ll watch movies, play video games, or get down to reading a book. Think of it as a special lounge in your personal hotel. This can be any spare room that you might have in your home, or it can even be an existing room that you use on a daily basis. 

In the latter case, you might want to create a ritual that helps you get in a “fun time” mood. If it’s your bedroom, set up some candles and get in a comfortable position on your bed or at your desk. Get dressed up with your partner and pretend you’re heading out or visiting a new location. Turn off all unnecessary electronics and try to avoid too much outside contact. When it’s time for relaxation, it should really be something you stay focused on without interference.


While your home might not have the feel of going overseas and spending time in a mysterious location, it can get close enough to make a difference. Make a few changes here and there and your home will turn into an ideal vacation zone, or at least, you’ll feel much better inside of it.

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