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How To Make Popular An App: Get App Reviews For Boosting App Downloads

When I made my first app a few years back, I was 100% sure, my app would catch the attention of the audience and would have become the apple of eyes soon. The time had passed but the reviews and downloads are just sluggish. In each day, maximum 10–15 installs made me realize that some serious measures I have to take. Below I have construed some of the things for the sake of increasing app downloads and consequently to get app reviews.

The Miracles Of App Store Optimization:

App Store Optimization (ASO) is known by a few names, including App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO. It is a process of producing an optimized content that includes a suitable degree of Keyword density.

There are many factors that make the ASO a complete marketing tool in order to achieve high app ranking and app downloads.

  1. App Name & Keywords
  2. App Description & Keywords
  3. HD Icons
  4. Screen Shots
  5. Localization

App Marketing:

After launching a product the first step is to catch as many as eyes as possible. If a brand fails to draw the attention of the customer to its product, how can it make the progress and stimulate the overall sales? So here comes the solution of a current era’s main problem: The diminishing of product into the internet pool; The digital marketing.

When talking about android apps or IOS apps, the usage of app marketing which is an epicenter of digital marketing to get app reviews and making users as the potential customer. Internet is flooded with social media tools; for instance, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other mediums. So by designing a dynamic marketing strategy, these mediums can help an app marketer to make popular an app.

Buy App Reviews From App Review Sites:

The app review sites are the best platforms for getting app reviews. These sites have a formidable customer base which can provide organic and fastest app reviews. As an app owner, these sites serve as a hub where you can buy app reviews or go for review exchange options.

Reviewlancer is one of the top app review sites that helps iOS and Android developers to boost Apps and games Rankings on Google and Apple Play Stores. It provides world-class solutions that perfectly function the way you operate and match your needs. In today’s competitive world most of the quality apps get overlooked, hence the app review sites give a boost to your apps to get recognized in its true potential.

Here are a few examples:

  1. 149Apps
  2. 24/7 App Reviews
  3. Apps Spy
  4. Pocket Gamers
  5. Androids Central

So follow these few guidelines and make your app popular to extend your app business by amplifying app exposure on the internet.

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