• Understand the concept of Group Discussion.
  • Know the purpose of Group discussion.
  • Learn the method of group Discussion.
  • Participate in Group Discussion.
  • Develop skills required for Group Discussion.

Brief Information

Now a days during selection of a candidate to competent job or even for management studies she/he has to go through group discussion, where her/his skills and abilities are analyzed. A person is assessed for his presentation , knowledge of ideas, and leadership skill along with other personality traits

Besides this Group discussion is an effective method to take decisions on the problems faced during working in team. Several ideas flow in from several minds while the group discussion, hence light from all directions is focused on the problem. This can makes decision making possible, where single person might be stuck up.

Major Concepts

  • Group discussion concept and purpose
  • Method of conduction

Concept of Group Discussion

Group Discussion involves the exploration as well as the discovery of truth through mutual understanding and effort. Group discussion is interplay of several minds hence helps for throw light on difficult subject.

Group Discussion is

  1. The sharing of ideas
  2. The method of exploring valuable thoughts together
  3. An exercise of Co-operative thinking.
  4. It is a fusion of ideas where differences are harmonized.

he general idea is that each participant has the ability to stimulate ideas in the other members present in the group. By the processing of discussion, the collective opinions become greater than the sum of individual ideas. Group Discussion helps in problem  identification, in clarifying the issues relevant to a particular situation/topic and in the evaluation of thoughts.

Purpose of Group Discussion

The important reasons why group discussion is conducted are as follows:

  1. For explore newer ideas and exchange information- every speaker has an opinion that may throw a different light on the topic/situation.
  2. For clarify one’s knowledge and to expand one’s horizon-Brain storming helps for gather more information.
  3. For enhance listening ability of an individual – which is one of the important aspect.
  4. For gather the perception of other speakers – knowing what other people think about a particular topic/situation.
  5. For change one’s perception and ideas about a particular topic/situation.

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