Traditionally, you post a task and wait for candidates to apply their application. To find the right person, you navigate through their portfolios and experiences.


Fiverr turned the upside-down approach!


Designers or developers will post the kinds of jobs they wish to take on, such as designing retro icons, 2-minute animated advertisements, producing book covers, etc. You can search for the type of work you are trying to recruit by freelancers who specialize.


This makes recruiting much more effective for smaller projects than the traditional way in which candidates are pursued. You see it all clearly and there’s no guesswork.


Only get to the type of work you’re trying to recruit for (i.e. build a cartoon figure), and browse through all the recruit designers. You can see the customer reviews of each freelancer, their history, which type of projects you can order from them and how long it will take for the project to be completed.


You can choose from the freelancer’s preset work menu and order it online as you would – just like purchasing something from Amazon. 


Fiverr is easy, reliable and very affordable!


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