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How to export Twitter followers and the Twitter following list of any public account?

Nowadays most of the people are using Twitter. The popularity of Twitter is increasing day by day. It is the best platform from where a user can directly post a tweet to his/her influencers and even the influencer can directly interact with the user’s tweet.

Twitter can give you amazing data from their database. For many reasons, people want Twitter data of different influencers. Although twitter gives an option to download your own twitter data, you can not download any other users twitter data. At that time all the 3rd party tools play a major role.  By using any 3rd party tool you can get the Twitter followers data.

Followers Analysis is the best among all the tools available on the market. By this tool, you can analyze up to 3200 recent tweets of any public user account. The report will contain 2 types of files, CSV/Excel And analytics in PDF.

The tool provides an in-depth report of any public twitter account, which includes a CSV file and an analytical graphical data in a PDF file.

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What we can do with the Exported Twitter followers data?

Here are some important points

Marketing purpose

Organizations can utilize followers data of Twitter account of their brand as well as their competitors’ in the following way:

  • Giving special offers to their followers
  • Target individuals, active followers, and influencers to promote their products and brands.
  • Giving a special discount to competitors’ followers to convert them into your followers and your loyal customers

Research and education

There are lots of students, researchers and college scholars who need followers data to do some research or write a thesis on famous Twitter accounts. Exporting Twitter followers in CSV/Excel can be really beneficial for them. There are lots of use cases which can be considered for example

  • Analyzing the political impact of an individual through Twitter on the basis of their followers and tweets
  • Predict the follower’s growth rate and trends
  • Comparison of followers of two or multiple twitter account
  • Finding the percentage of fake followers and many more

Bios Search

With the help of followers data, you can easily segregate followers with similar Bios. For example, you can search for CEO, marketing head or other professionals and target them accordingly.

Twitter Followers Analysis

There are lots of analytical insights you can find with the help of followers data export. For example,

  • You can find the percentage of active followers
  • You can rank followers on the basis of the number of their own followers
  • You can segregate the followers on the basis of their year of joining Twitter

Features provided by Followers Analysis

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