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How To Earn $100/Day On YouTube Without Recording Videos

Want to know how to make money fast as a kid?

You probably have seen many Youtubers making thousands of dollars per month by creating engaging and creative content on YouTube. It’s not an easy thing to do and requires a lot of hard work and most importantly consistency.
But what if I tell you that you can make $100/Day On YouTube without even recording a single video? Indeed, you heard me right!
There are many You Tubers on the Internet who make more than $100 every day without recording a YouTube video, which means, you don’t need to stress over a decent camcorder to record a video of yourself.
In this blog, I am going to teach you how you can make tons of money on YouTube without coming in front of the camera because most of you don’t want to be in camera because of your shyness or lack of confidence. However, not to stress! You can earn easy money on YouTube by re-uploading videos that are already on YouTube. A lot of people think that it is not allowed to re-use the videos that people have already uploaded on their channels, people think that it’s their copyright content, which in most cases is true.

But there is a thing that most of people don’t know about called “Creative Commons” which means there are a few people who have uploaded their n videos on YouTube yet give consent to everyone to utilize their content. To do this, search your desired keyword on YouTube, when you get the results, go to the filter button and here you can see the Creative Commons Button

Here you can see all the videos that fall under the category of Creative Commons YouTube Videos, and scrolling down to the description, you can also see the Creative Commons attribution license.

So, now you know where to find the copyright-free videos but keep in mind one thing, you will not make a single penny if you have zero traffic on your YouTube Channel, and for high traffic, you must have to choose a good and in-demand niche.

There are many niches where you can jump-start on, you can make Top Ten Compilations or top Five on anything but there are actually few categories where you can make a good amount of money on YouTube if you work on those areas.

People are making Top ten compilation videos not because they love to do it, but because YouTube is paying them thousands of dollars for these videos. All you need is just one video that gets viral on YouTube according to its algorithm, then you can start making thousands of dollars monthly.

What are the most searched and Profitable Niches on YouTube?

Try to create engaging content on the evergreen topics that people love to watch, it could be sports, gaming videos, funny videos compilations or top ten videos. I am listing down a few niches with high search volume that you can work on easily with Creative Commons.

  • • Sports Highlights
    • Video Games Highlights
    • Conspiracy Theories
    • Tech & Gadgets
    • Health & Fitness
    • Funny Videos Compilations

So, these are some niches that expert writers of a UK based Cheap Essay Writing Service, EssayDone have jotted down for you, you can create content on, all you have to do is just go to YouTube, search the videos in your niche that have creative commons license, and create the better version of those videos.

Since you have discovered your niche, the next thing you have to do is make content on it.
But we already have the content that people search for, the thing we have to do is create the better version of it, and to do that you can do a few things which includes

• Create Your Youtube Channel Intros

Hire a professional animator and get a cool intro for your YouTube channel, you can easily get one for $20 on Fiverr. You can also download presets from Motion Array or Envato Elements.

• Create an engaging Thumbnail

Always pick up the Right YouTube Thumbnail size (1280×720 Pixels)
Choose a High quality and a catchy picture as your YouTube Thumbnail.
Include the Title of Your Video in Your Thumbnail and choose the right font that is more visible on your thumbnail. In the end, don’t forget to compress its size under the limit of 2Mb

• Create Keyword riched Titles

“Keyword riched titles can be the difference between somebody watching and sharing your video, or just scrolls through it”

The Title of your video summarizes what your video is all about. And moreover that it is the most important piece of your metadata so use it wisely and add keywords in your Title.

• Add interesting Background Music

Adding Background music and sound effects is not very important but it can be useful to keep your viewer engaged in your content. You can download plenty of Royalty-Free background Music from the Sound cloud or FreeMusicArchive.or

When you have done all these steps, and finally have created your first YouTube Video, It’s time to upload it on YouTube and share its YouTube link with your friends and family members.
Try not to worry if your video doesn’t get much visibility, your first video probably won’t get numerous views, your second video might get viral, yet you must be optimistic and consistent to achieve your goal. Create 4-5 videos consistently and simply sit tight for your karma!


So, coming to the conclusion, yes you can earn $100 per day on YouTube if you follow all these steps that I have written in this blog.

• First, you have to pick a niche with high search volume, you can search it on Google Trends.
• After choosing your niche, filter out the videos that have Creative Commons License.
• Download the high-quality videos and re-upload them after adding your logo, background music, Intro, and some textual content if possible.
• Be consistent for five-six months, you will eventually be able to see the good results in the form of views.

Once you get the views you can easily apply for the AdSense approval and start earning $100 per month through Ad revenue without recording videos for YouTube.

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