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How To Design A Shared Bedroom For Your Children

The people who want to buy property always want to decorate their property in a good as well. The desire for decorating your property is always very exciting no matter whether you are buying Downtown Dubai property for sale or Arabian Ranches property for sale. The problem in the house is to make a shared bedroom for your kids. Although the children fight with each other a lot, sometimes they convert the whole bedroom into a war zone. There is a lot of idea for the shared bedroom decoration of the children as most of the children want their own space. You have to decorate the room according to their needs and space. Here we will discuss some amazing ideas for the shared bedroom decoration that might help you a lot in the decoration of your children’s rooms.

Designing An All Girl’s Or All-Boys Room

Most of the siblings shared the room in the houses. Sometimes they share a room because of the less space and rooms in their house. Try to decorate the room for the same gender. The room of the sisters should always be separate from the room of the brothers. The best color scheme is to use a neutral color. There are some other ideas as well like

A  Separate Bed for Each Sibling

You need to provide a separate bedroom along with the side table for every sibling in the room. The pink and purple color is better for the room of their shared bedroom while a blue and brown color scheme is good for the boy’s room

Bunk Beds

Bunk bed use is another good idea. As you can save the whole space of your room easily. the vertical bedding comes in various styles. The room floor can be used for some more best flooring ideas as well along with the bunk beds. these bunk beds have storages spaces as well. These storage spaces are usually very helpful for the kid’s things storage.  They can store their favorite toys, books and much other stuff in these storage spaces of the bunk beds.


You have to set the best theme for your kid’s bedroom. There are a lot of theme ideas like Princes and fairies, pirate and travel, science and music, space and rockets and nature and animals as well. Select the theme that has a majority of votes of your siblings and has fewer chances of the conflict between your children.

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