Do you want to create a quitclaim deed to be used in Washington? A quitclaim deed is a non-warranty deed. It is a legal instrument to convey property rights without warranties. This deed is not meant to transfer the real property, and there is no guarantee about the property title or ownership to the recipient.

In the state of Washington, the transfer of real property can happen with the help of a document called a deed. Quitclaim in one such deed and is one of the most popular ways to covey the changes in the title. But they are also risks to it. It only transfers the property’s ownership rights from the grantor at the time of execution of the deed.

A quitclaim deed may transfer a title with issues, and the grantor may or may not be the actual owner of the property. When a warranty deed is used to transfer rights to the property, the issues are minimal.

Situations When Quitclaim Deed is the Best

You can use the quitclaim deed in the following circumstances:

Transferring Property Rights to Spouse – Did you marry recently? You can use the quitclaim deed to transfer the property rights to the spouse. Similarly, the quitclaim deed can be used to quit your property rights in case of a separation.

Within Family Members – You can use the quitclaim deed to transfer property rights to a member of your family or someone else you want to know.

Estate Planning – If you are planning an estate, you can use a quitclaim deed to transfer rights or interests in the property.

Error Correction in Title – You can also use the quitclaim deed to change your name or correcting the spelling error in the title.

Clearing Clouds in Title – Quitclaim deed can be used to clear a cloud from a title. It is a common case where the lenders are involved, and the chain of title is unclear.

The deed can also be used to clarify the ownership of the property after the marriage or when the tenancy details are being changed if you want to quit your interest in the marital property during a divorce. Want to transfer real property into a business entity like an LLC? Use a quitclaim deed.

How to Create One?

You need to prepare the quitclaim deed seriously. Ensure that the deed carries all the information which is required for complete quitclaim. If you are using an online legal form site, it would be best if you first download the quitclaim deed form Washington. Legal requirements mandate that the deed must be in writing. All the mentioned parties have to sign it. The notary public must acknowledge the deed. The format of the deed must meet the requirements of the state.

The deed must clearly describe those properties that relate to separate or community. The full address of the property should be there. In the absence of these details, the quitclaim deed will not be accepted in the courts.

The deed has to be recorded in the county where the property is based for validity. In Washington, the deed works the same way as a recorded deed.

Using It in Marital Separation and Divorces

The use of quitclaims in divorce is common because it offers a simple, affordable and efficient way to give up the property rights. In some conditions, the quitclaim deeds are very safe.

Want to create a Quitclaim deed on now? Sign up now with the reputed legal forms site and download quitclaim deed form Washington. Keep the needed details handy and to make the valid deed sign it properly and notarize if required.

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