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How to Balance Work, Studies, and Your Personal Life

Online courses may not leave you with enough extra time for the end of the week excursions with loved ones get-aways. But that does not mean you have to compromise on leisure and personal time to succeed. Without a break, you might end up feeling stressed and overworked. Passion and dedication with a bit of time management can help balance everything. And if you have to worry about an urgent assignment, all you have to do is to call us and ask, ‘Can you take my online class for me?’

Time management

A common problem that most online students face when they have a full-time job is to manage time and complete all their responsibilities successfully. Avoid procrastination and take charge of your life by planning out the entire year or semester ahead by making notes of when assignments, tests, essays, and discussion boards are due. Calculate how much time will be required on each of these tasks and plan out office work in such a manner that they don’t clash with homework deadlines.

Inform your manager after joining an online course – When you take on an online course it is likely that you will not have spare time to take on the extra workload at the office. Instead of making excuses, politely explain to reporting manager or team leader about having taken on the online course so that he/she knows that you have to study on a regular basis and allows leaving after office hours. Avoid carrying office work back home as it will be difficult for you to concentrate on studies or prepare for exams.

Understand your limitations — Do not neglect your personal needs once you take on the twin responsibilities of the job and an online course by cutting down on sleep. Stressbusters like sports, walking, yoga, meditation, or just going on a long drive with friends/family can go a long way in making you feel energized enough to complete unfinished lessons. Multitasking can be done but within limits, as sometimes it may leave you feeling too tired to carry out usual tasks.

Prioritize your work – While you may not have to attend a regular college, online courses do take up a lot of time. You will also have to manage work and family, making you feel burned out and tired. If you don’t prioritize needs and wants then you are likely to end up doing a balancing act on a very shaky tightrope. Prioritizing allows you to give equal importance to office work and online work without going through life waiting for the ax to fall on your head.

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