The Mumbai real estate market has introduced the concept of affordable housing projects over the ongoing decade even before the government officially made this statement. As Mumbai is witnessing a surge in larger families splitting into nuclear families and the government thinks to support the demands of nuclear families affordable smaller apartments should be introduced. Also, homebuyers are considering the fact that since the majority of nuclear families are co-working and their children are occupied with school and other co-curricular activities. It is logical enough to buy houses in compact sizes rather than paying rents which can be equivalent to paying more EMIs. Mumbai real estate sector has witnessed steep recalibration of sizes from 1 bhk flats being introduced to 175 sq.ft from average size being 450-599 sq.ft earlier to as low as 350 sq.ft just to match the affordability factor. 2 bhk flat sizes are almost halved from 800-950sq.ft carpet areas to 500 sq.ft. even 3 bhk flats have noticed this trend which was considered to be an expensive investment with the range of 1200-1500 sq.ft carpet area curtailed to as low as 900 sq.ft area. This typically means average room sizes to washroom sizes to shrinking of living room areas. This has helped developers to introduce the affordability factor by trimming the sizes of typically 1 bhk, 2 bhk and 3 bhk to almost half the previous average carpet sizes. 

2 BHK pads have consistently witnessed great interest among homebuyers. Owning a 2 BHK in Mumbai is the best real estate deal and a profitable investment since it is perfect for both self-use and speculation. The vast majority purchase 2 BHK flats since they need an extensive home for themselves. When contrasted with 1 BHK and 3 BHK flats, 2 BHK homes merit putting resources into. In Mumbai, the real estate market is precarious to comprehend. Real estate developers right now think of moderate home structures as well. Besides, 2 BHK flats are perfect for all family members which makes them even more ideal. Simple to keep up and reasonable on the pocket, 2 BHK homes offer an ideal mix of solace and extravagance. Aside from the effectively well known suburban areas, Mumbai presently has a few distinct neighbourhood areas which merit putting resources into. Thane is appropriately known as the best area in Maharashtra for residential property investment. The city is notable for its schools and universities. In addition, Thane additionally has a solid base of corporate offices. Here are a few tips to pick the correct 2 BHK property.

Generally, the area which is needed for a 2 bhk flat varies depending upon the built-up area of the apartment. A 2 bhk residential flat can normally range between 800 sq.ft to 1400 sq.ft and sometimes even more. If you don’t wish to spend more considering your budget is less then, in that case, be prepared for small rooms, small kitchen, small washrooms and there will be no extra space for anything else which you would want to have at your dream house. It is always advisable to have a little more space than what is actually required irrespective of how many family members are going to live in that flat. However, in this situation budget plays an important factor if you do not wish to spend more.. The budget of the whole flat is determined based on the square feet area of the flat you choose to buy. You also have an option of designing a flat in such a way that it doesn’t look congested. 

Consider the following points when to make the final decision of how spacious your 2 bhk flat should ideally be.

Make sure the rooms are spacious. When you think about the carpet area of your 2 bhk flat make sure you check the rooms in the 2 bhk flat you plan to invest in. The rooms should be spacious enough to accommodate all the basic essential things needed in any room from bed to cupboards to study table and many more. Make sure there is proper ventilation throughout the room for the family member to breathe properly. See to it that the rooms are good enough in size to accommodate all your family members in it. In many cases, to match the affordability factor builders don’t provide enough spacious rooms and investors fail to check the space of the bedrooms in their 2 bhk rooms. 

Properly check the kitchen area of the flat. The kitchen area is a very crucial part in any residential property which you plan to invest in. Nowadays, all renowned developers are offering modular kitchens which consume less space but give you a good storage area. Such kitchens are necessary as they work well with 2 bhk flats making it conveniently for people to use the kitchen area efficiently giving a very neat appearance to the house. 

Check if there is any extra space in the flat for recreation purposes. Many homebuyers these days prefer to have a balcony at their home where they can spend quality time with their family after work and that is the reason the balconies have made a huge comeback lately. Many new construction residential projects launched in Thane have balcony areas or at least some space dedicated for recreation purposes. Check properly whether your 2 bhk has some area for the same. 

Hence, based on your planned budget, be careful in choosing an ideal flat for you and your family and design it in such a way that it doesn’t look congested. 


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