Objectively speaking, the grades of an acoustic guitar is not based on the brand but depends on the wood used. The following is a brief introduction to three different grades of guitars.

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1. Plywood guitar

This is the lowest grade of acoustic guitar, no matter what brand of guitar it is, it is in a popular grade. The faceplate of this type of guitar is made of plywood. The back and side plates are generally made of harder wood plywood. The better back and side plates are rosewood plywood, mahogany plywood, etc. The guitar sound of this grade is average, and there is no development, generally used for practice. Its price ranges from more than 100 to 1,000 yuan, and some imported brand-name guitars even reach several thousand yuan, but from its essence, it is still a low-end guitar. To distinguish the grade of the guitar, we can see the wood of the soundhole of the guitar. The general three-plywood guitar can clearly see the three sandwiches from the soundhole. The ones without the sandwich are made of wood.

2. Single guitar

This kind of guitar is a mid-range guitar. It is much better in sound quality than a plywood guitar. It has a rich sound, a good texture and has developed. In other words, after a period of performance by the player, its wood is more sensitive to the sound, and the timbre will be better than the new guitar. Its panel is generally made of spruce material, as well as white pine, etc. White pine is recognized as the best wood for making guitars in the world. The backside panel is generally composed of mahogany or rosewood plywood.

3. Full veneer guitar

This is the highest grade of acoustic guitar, generally used in concert. In terms of sound quality, timbre and volume, it is incomparable to the first two guitars. Its panel is made of white pine. Some high-end famous piano panels have to be dried naturally for more than ten years or even hundreds of years, and then select the finest wood from many kinds of wood as the panel. The backside panel is usually made of rosewood or mahogany, the best backside panel recognized in the world is Brazilian rosewood, but it has been protected as a rare plant in Brazil.

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Briefly introduce some types of wood used by the guitar in general:

The spruce panel is characterized by relatively uniform thickness stripes, the spruce texture is relatively hard, and the sound is relatively bright. Normally, the guitar is spruce as the panel. Some are whiter and some are yellower; red cedar, the stripes are basically the same as spruce, the color is redder, and the sound is warmer than spruce.

Rosewood generally has uneven wide stripes with obvious color contrast. Mostly used as fingerboard, backboard and sideboard;

Rosewood side panel: Mahogany wood with even more texture. Mostly used as the neck, back, and side panels.

There are also two types of wood for fingerboards, ebony and maple. Some brands on electric guitars use maple, which is white to yellow and generally has little texture. The ebony-wood is very hard, black and smooth without pores. High-end acoustic guitars use ebony as the fingerboard, and there are many materials used to make guitars, but the more commonly used wood materials are the above.

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