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How SEO Expert in India Optimise Your Website For Google?

What is Google Discover? Google Discover is an interesting feature of Google’s App on iOS and Android that gives you a continuous feed of relevant content related to your particular interests based on your activities. Google uses the data it already knows about you in order to tailor it to your specific interests and personalize it for your own use. You can hire SEO services in Delhi for optimising your website.


The Feed, which is the name of Google’s new Discovery section, is not directly accessible through your default web browser, but instead, you need to have a Google account to be able to search, browse, or add content. Once your account is set up, your feeds will automatically appear on your mobile phone’s Home screen and in your Gmail inbox.


New content is automatically updated on the Feed so that it’s always fresh and current, whether you’re reading about a business deal or about a new gadget that has just been released. And what’s more – you don’t have to go hunting through Google’s homepage in order to find relevant feeds. All of your searches and content are delivered directly to your inbox. That means you’ll always know what’s happening in your niche – right when you need to know it.

You’ll be able to search for new content with just the click of a button. Just enter the relevant keyword phrase into the search bar of your Feed, and Google will automatically display relevant content related to that topic. So if you’re looking for an article about a product or service that you recently purchased, you can simply search for it within the Feed to find relevant content to help you understand how it works and why it was made.


With this new feature, you can even keep yourself updated with the latest news and updates on your niche without having to trawl through Google’s homepage. And all of the new content you find is always fresh and relevant, so you never run out of information to consume!


The origin Of Google Discover

Google discover was called Google Feed. Launched back in 2016, Google discover helps people to find what they are searching for, even when they don’t know what they are looking for. It is a collection of cards that helped people to stay updated on the things that matter to them. How does Google Discover matter in SEO?


With the help of Google Discover, you can increase the engagement with the users through quality content. You can understand Google Feed as social media for Google. It intends to give the user the best search engine results before they even searched for it. SEO services in India keep in mind the role of Google Discover while optimising your content. With the arrival of Google Discover, there is a shift in how people use a search engine.


This also brought a major shift in SEO. Here are the few updates that Google Discover has brought.


• Update content- Before Google Feed, most of the content that surfaced on the Google is related to news or trending. But now Google is showing content that people have previously searched before in the Feed section.


• More control – With Google discover, people now have more control over what they want to see. With the Control Icon, they can choose which content they want to see more off.


• Google Discover on Homepage – Previously, it was only available on the mobile app version on Google. Now it has come to mobile browsers to increase the user experience.

Here are the ways by which you can optimise your website for the search engine optimization-


1. Engaging content

To address the needs of the readers, high quality and unique content are necessary. Engagement of the content with the user is the key to get high ranking on the search engine. Once you have created your content, now promote it. Promote your content everywhere to get the maximum exposure. You can use different methods to increase the engagement with the user like email marketing, shout out on social media, loyalty perks, etc.

2. Use images to rank

People love to see pictures and fresh content on Google Discover. It means your content should contain relevant thumb-nail pictures and videos to grab the attention of the people.

3. Create new content

Google focuses on the fresh and newsworthy content to display on the Feed. So make sure to post about something that people haven’t written much before.

4. Trustworthy content

To increase the authority of your site, you need high-quality content. If your website has good authority then Google and people will trust your site. So, if you want to rank high on the search engine then create original and trustworthy content for the readers.

5. Various languages

Multiple languages are available on the Google Discover. It is useful for the people who read in wide variety of languages.


SEO services in Delhi makes sure that your content is optimised for Google Discover so that you can rank on the search engine. Writing articles, blogs, etc on the new topics is necessary to engage the customers with the content. Contact Webstod for more information and amazing SEO packages.



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