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How Home Automation is improving lives

In the early life of automation and IoT, it was supposed to be restricted with only luxurious and super-tech buildings. However, these days IoT has increasingly become the part of every tech-loving individual. Home automation is progressively growing, and now it has become a fundamental addition to architectural projects. the connected devices are performing well on both new buildings and renovations.

The idea of IoT is to make life simpler and easier. It has been not only popular among tech-lovers but also common people. Those who still are not aware of the IoT operations and practicalities probably feel left behind over a few more years. The popularity of IoT is definitely worth the hype, and it has brought a lot of ease in lives.

let’s discover and understand the areas of improvement in home automation and architecture.

The Idea of Home Automation

Home automation denotes intelligent homes that incorporate smart devices operating to help and facilitates the residents without complexing their lives. The process basically works with the help of connected devices. These devices are connected through a centralized control system that is accessible by smartphones via a mobile app developed specifically for IoT. The things that are connected to the internet include fans, lights, electric appliances, thermostats, air-conditions, curtains, doors, windows, security cameras, and many other sensors and devices.

For instance, homes with connected devices enable users to turn on and off the lights at certain times. It also enables the users to set the Adjust heater and AC timings to turn on before some time they reach home. Moreover, with IoT, users can have enhanced security. When the security alarm is triggered, the system itself turns on the lights of the house. Added to this, following the immediate actions by IoT devices, it can also facilitate the users by providing detailed reports on equipment that could function better and save energy. Google Home, Alexa, and Amazon Echo are among the popular examples of software development companies. These systems can be developed according to personalized needs with the help of custom software development companies and perform tasks both through commands and automatically.

Increased security:

Security is among the major causes of why people opt for home automation. The information collected from the connected devices helps the system understand the timing of going out and staying home. It further helps in managing the housekeeping tasks like lock the doors and main gates while keeping some devices on stand-by moods. AI integrated IoT devices can also help in threat detection and taking actions beforehand. It can proactively alert security systems when it finds something disturbed or irregular. For example, when video cameras find something similar to smoke, fire or short circuit, they can immediately report firefighters and electric systems. Which, in return, shut the electric system off and turn fire extinguisher on.

Moreover, through facial recognition systems, automated homes can detect the entrance of strangers in the home. As a result, it can send a message via a mobile app or text message to the user. If the user allows that person to come inside the home by mobile app, the system unlocks the doors and allows the stranger to come in. mobile integration in the security system can also reduce false alarms and improve the efficiency of security systems.

Improve the lives of people with reduced mobility:

When IoT is bringing ease in the lives of normal people, it may bring an increased level of ease in the lives of people with some disabilities, IoT enables those people to trigger switches without the effort of going to the switchboards and turning the light on or off. For instance, people with motor disease cannot easily perform the day-today tasks and might feel difficulty. Motion sensors can also signal any sort of accident within home and call rescue services. Moreover, for ill people, blood sugar levels and blood pressure sensors can be incorporated into home automation systems, which definitely facilitates to family members with peace of mind.

Resource Saving:

Initially, the system installation might seem a high investment, but it can definitely save a lot of bucks in the long run. It allows you to make saving in many ways. Connected thermostats, lighting, and fans can automate its functions to control energy consumption by reducing waste and make a measurable difference in electricity bills. Similar to the energy-saving system, excess water waste can also be reduced with IoT. For instance, with intelligent systems, excessive water flow can be stopped and eventually improving water loss and plant lives. The prevention of excessive water flow also helps the soil getting the right amount of water.

Make everyday life and buildings smarter:

If the responsivity if repetitive housekeeping tasks are eliminated, it can make time for other important works. For instance, a connected washing appliance can check for the missing things detergents and softeners, and make online purchases. Smart devices can enable users to make changes remotely and handle house even when miles from it. IoT allows almost every home device and appliance to automate and function smartly.

However, the hype of IoT is all around, and people are confused about the validation. To be precise, software development companies are integrating with the home appliances manufactures to help make homes automated. In addition, when AI is combined with IoT, it is bringing advancement that used to be only a dream earlier. AI integrated IoT is evolving fast, and it is in our favor to stay alert and start benefiting from improved decision making with IoT.

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