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How does the amazing superbanswer site work

superbanswer is an amazing and awesome site for all your needs. It’s like an all rounder, you can do anything from writing blogs to asking questions and answering them.It’s like you get everything here from “gulab to gulab jamun”.

When you are bored just log in to superbanswer  and spread the essence of your knowledge by answering questions. wait… you’ll be thinking that they would be difficult questions and you won’t be able to answer,or if you are an introvert housewife with not much education then this site is not meant for you.No!No!Please it’s a site that everyone can use,even if you are a housewife you can answer questions regarding cooking.Even if it’s a difficult question and you don’t know much about it you can search the answer over the internet and post it on superbanswer. It’s a versatile forum including different categories of questions such as Art,business,cooking,engineering,fine arts ,hair styling,journalism,love,lucky numbers,mobile applications,science fiction,software,web services, WordPress, beauty, computer science, education, Facebook hacking, games, IT and technology, literature, love mater, make up, mobile phones, science, SEO (search engine optimization), web development, website hacking and other general questions.

It’s a portal of learning for all Spread your knowledge by answering questions on superbanswer as after all knowledge is the only thing on Earth that increases by spreading. This site is not meant for only a specific class, gender or age group, rather everyone has their hands on to it. If you are a student you can easily answer questions regarding arts, science fiction, education, games, literature and of course science from your tedious science lessons.

If you’re a business person then yes you are at the right place,for we have loads of questions for you. If you are a technology oriented person then you’ll have a lot of fun answering questions regarding mobile applications, word press, computer science, hacking and software development and management. Of course as our youthful people are interested in love and lucky numbers we have a whole lot of entertainment for them so that means youngsters you’re not at the ‘wrong number ‘. Oh how can we forget our aunties; yes aunties you have a complete section for cooking and beauty after all your “Zubaida aapa k totkay ” will work here as you answer our beauty questions. Our modern girls can also have a whole lot of fun with hair styling.

Now you’ll be thinking why should we answer and use this site, as what would it give us? So here’s the answer the fun does not stop here. Other than being an endless source of knowledge superb answer is also a source of earning. I mean earning points and maybe with your hard work and dedication someday it is able to pay it’s users.In the next few paras I’ll let you know that how do the points work. However keep in mind that superbanswer is like one of the world’s very few game sites that is informative as in most games you get points but not education,but here you get both education and points.

When you make an account in superb answer, our generous admin Muntazir Abbas gifts you 100 points. Then as you ask a question 10 points are deducted, but please do not be disheartened as a lot more points are coming ahead. When you answer a question you get five points. The fun does not stop here, as if your answer is chosen as the best answer then you get plus 50 points isn’t that great.

Well our site is a lot more than just a question and answer session.Yes you can write blogs and articles.Writing of each blog or article would give you a plus five points, yes truly each time you write a post, it gives you plus five points.

You can actually get a good platform by writing on superb answer. There’s no restriction on what to write.You can write anything from poems to quotes to essays and even random but beautiful lines that strike you. The benefits of this site do not stop here rather when someone follows you or likes your posts answers or questions even then you get a plus one point Isn’t that nice.

Moreover superb answer has a hierarchy for users as they are ranked according to their points. You are ranked as a new user when you have 100 points. When your points increase to 500 then you are a trusted user and when they reach 1000 points then you are an extremely trusted user. Then when your points increase to 2000 points with extreme devotion and high aspirations then you are a verified user and are at the top of the hierarchy.

Best of luck with using superb answer.

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