In an era, where inflation and expenses are on a recurring high, a person cannot survive with just one source of income. Perhaps that is why more and more people are turning towards ventures that would give them more profits than just the monthly salary.

The most prominent path that majority of the people are undertaking is that of investing their money. The investment will give them the opportunity of utilising their funds in a way that the money is not just sitting idle, instead of making more money.

At a per capita income of €73,389 in 2019, Ireland is considered to be a rich country. So, it is appropriate to say that majority of the Irish folks have some funds to expand in the investment spectrum. The bond market is a popular avenue for many of us.

Consequently, the number of investors is the highest at present. With a majority of them being novice players, here is a tool that can help you make the most of your investments.


Before you ever take on an investment, you always have a predetermined purpose for the same. This is called financial intention.

Financial intention can mean different things for different people. It can be;

  • buying a family home;
  • owning a four-wheel-drive Jeep;
  • even owning a fleet of trucks;
  • Being able to secure your child’s future.

An investment plan helps to align investment with financial intention so that both are on the same course. And the result is a happy and wealthy investor.

Without a plan of action, an investment would be rudderless and impossible to control. And control is what makes the investor’s dream of growth in wealth possible.


Investment planning is a vast and diverse arena. It has many branches and sub-branches. However, all of them are connected to four key things. The remembrance of which will make a massive difference in your rewards cheque.


The first and foremost thing to remember is that every investment you make is going to have some degree of risk associated with it. The level of risk may vary from high to low, but it would be there.

So, the investors, especially the newer ones, must keep in mind that their investment can turn less than fruitful for them. And they must have the ability to bear the financial consequences of the same and not drown in debt. If that will be the scenario for a sour investment, then their plan was not as full-proof as it should be.


The next thing to be careful of is to diversify your investment portfolio as much as possible. This is ideal because diversification between high risk and low-risk investment will balance the scales and the chances of you losing money would become low.

The numbers of investment options are too many to count.

  • Shares or stocks are said to be the highest reward for yielding investments. However, they tend to bring high risk. Only 20% of investors can extract high profits from shares. In shares, there are two kinds, equity and preferential. You can choose from either.
  • Then there are bonds, which act as a loan from the investor to the issuer. The Irish Bonds tend to be a safer bet than shares. Corporate and government bonds are the most popular at present.
  • Property is another very lucrative option for investing money, but the problem is these will only accomplish the long-term financial goals and the imminent ones.
  • Fixed Deposits and Term Deposits are also gaining fame as investment options in recent times because of their low-risk profiles.

A mix of all of these is the perfect investment portfolio you can make, which would fulfil not only your short-term aspirations but also the ones in the distant future.


The notion of invest and forget is the colossal mistake you can make while investing. Every investment that you make has to be closely monitored. One reason for the same is the high volatility of the money markets.

If you do not keep track of your money, you might lose the close window that this world gives to let the investment go for the best rewards.

Constant readjustment of the portfolio is extremely crucial, especially in shares. Stocks move up and down more frequently than the ocean’s waves. So, if you do not monitor, you will end up losing the control an investment plan can give you on your investments.


Most of us have fulltime jobs that take up a significant portion of our time. Since this job is our primary source of income, we cannot do anything about it.

Investment is daunting by them, but juggling between your investments and your job at once can be too much burden on a single person. If you are new in this world, it would seem all the more terrifying to execute alone.

So, you can hire a financial advisor or an investment planner to help you get through the investment process and accomplish all your financial intentions without too many losses. In Ireland alone, there are hundreds of investing partner waiting for you to approach them, both online and offline. The Irish Capital has become a popular online partner for many novice investors.


Indulging in investments has become inevitable in the present times. You have to get in and test the waters at some point to stay ahead of inflation and debt. If you do your homework before investing and make use of the four pivotal aspects of investment planning, you would never have to part with too much of your money and earn more than your salary will permit you to.