how do you take care of your skin.

I provide an overview of some possible causes and solutions from my own personal experience and my background/education in health research.

The reasons

Hormones: Big hormonal changes occur during the teen years. These developmental changes are necessary, but they can also create some unwanted skin flareups. The best news is that you will probably outgrow this as your hormones adjust and balance out over time.
Dehydration: Make sure that you get plenty of water everyday. Water helps to flush out toxins from your body. To keep my skin clear, I try to drink down a glass of water pretty much every hour of the day, when possible.
Poor quality or harsh skin care products: It sounds like you may be using products that are too harsh for your skin. Skin flareups can be your skin’s way of telling you that it doesn’t like the products your are using. You may consider trying some products that don’t include harsh chemicals and are, therefore, more gentle on your skin. Natural skin care products tend to include organic and natural ingredients that are gentler on the skin and can help facilitate skin repair.
Some solutions. From my own personal experience, the way to begin healing your skin is to try some different approaches until you find the one that best fits your own skin needs. Here I list some methods that worked well for my own skin.

Reduce the stress in your life. Stress is linked to hormonal fluctuations, so try to keep your stress levels low. The teens years can bring a lot of stress due to things like college preparation, SAT’s, studying, friends, and dating, to name a few. Try to find simple ways to reduce the effects of stress, like taking a yoga or meditation class or going for a hike with a good friend.
Vitamins and Minerals. Skin problems have been linked to deficiencies in certain types of key vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin D and Magnesium. Here is a great article that discusses the benefits of Vitamin D and Magnesium for skin health.
The right skin care product for your particular skin. From my experience, applying the right skin care product is an important part of skin care. I like products that are natural and include gentle ingredients that work to heal damaged skin. Here is a cleanser that I use twice a day. It contains natural ingredients, including Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, and Green Tea. Each of these ingredients has been linked to skin health. I have included photos of the large size bottle in white (240ml) and the small size bottle in black (40ml).


I wish you the best of luck. Contact me if you would like to discuss ways to deal with skin problems in more detail.