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How do you become a successful web designer on Fiverr

There are lots of methods to design a website. You either create a new website or use software to transfer a website to your clients.

Designing a new WordPress site from scratch is easier than imagined. You just have to install WordPress on your buyer’s host account through CPanel. Just click on any tool available on the host’s CPanel and then click on WordPress to install. The next step is to install a good theme. There are lots of PLR themes available and you can use anyone for your clients. Most of the themes come with all menus in the appropriate place so you just have to add the contents of the homepage the client provided you with and then paste. The same applies to other elements be it a squeeze page, sales page, etc.

Another simple way is to design a webpage on your own host and then transfer it to your buyer’s server. Backup buddy is one software that can do the job for you. It simply backs up everything on your host and so all you need to do is to copy the page to your buyer’s server and then edit the contents with the one’s your client provided you with.

Website designing is a very good money-making source on Fiverr. If you have mastered the art of designing a website with WordPress, then you will make lots of money. Website design also costs a lot on other freelance sites like FIVERR. You can offer it on any freelancer site and make lots of money to sustain you and your family.

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