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How do I determine which broadband deal is right for me?

Here are four of the most important things that should help you make an informed decision in choosing the right broadband package:

  1. Price: Usually, as the price goes up, that means you get faster internet speeds plus more services and add-ons. But there are also mid-range and low-priced broadband services that are reliable so you shouldn’t eliminate them right away during your search.
  2. Speed: it goes without saying that faster speeds result to a better browsing experience, faster downloads, uploads, etc. But if you aren’t a gamer or a content creator who needs quick access to online content, you’ll do just fine with mid-range internet speeds instead of fibre optic broadband.
  3. Usage Limits: If you don’t download or stream a lot of online content, then you can go for cheaper bundles and packages with a usage limit.
  4. Extras: Do you watch TV? Are you an avid consumer of on-demand services from movie services and video streaming platforms? Add-ons will cost you more so make sure you know what other services you want included in your broadband deal.
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