Back pain is one of the uncomfortable and unbearable health problems that we sometimes have to experience. It is a painful problem that can interfere in our lives excessively and prevent us from doing many things. One of the most annoying interferences done by the issue of back pain is ruining your sex life. Due to this issue, you are not able to get intimate with your partner, and neither can perform intercourse because of the excruciating pain. The discomfort becomes unbearable, which does not allow you to get into positions in which you do intercourse generally. Apart from that, the pain and disturbs the mind and hinder in arousal and reduces the libido. People suffering from chronic back pain might even refrain from having intercourse for a long time.

Back pain can start anywhere from the upper part of the spine to the lower back till the hip. Usually, the spine and the lower back are used in the thrusting motion of the intercourse. It causes friction in the parts of the spinal cord and the back, which generates the pain. Thus, it creates disturbances in your sex life and does not allow you to enjoy it. There could be numerous reasons why you are experiencing back pain and how it is ruining your love life. Here are some of the reasons for the painful backache you are having.

Mental stress
It will be surprising, but the mental stress can be a reason for backache as well. When you are stressed, there can be a problem at night to sleep peacefully, and your body is not able to relax at all. It can lead to muscle fatigue and spasm in the back.

Sedentary lifestyle
If you have limited mobility and stay most of the time indoors, it can lead to the issue of back pain as well. Vitamin D is an important component that gives strength to the bones, intervertebral discs, and the musculoskeletal. Vitamin D is mainly acquired from sunlight, which you can get by exposing yourself to it. In today’s date, most of the work is done indoors, and people hardly move outside for any work. Hence, due to lack of sun exposure, they lack vitamin D level in the body, which results in weakening of the muscles and bones, which ultimately leads to back pain.

Long traveling and bad roads
Commuting from home to office and then back can be a harrowing experience that can take a hefty toll on your body and on your back. The bad roads trigger frequent bumps of the bus or car you are traveling in which puts unwanted stress on the back. When this type of stress becomes a regular affair, it eventually takes a toll on the health of your back, and ultimately, it leads to chronic back pain issues.

Dietary issues
People with the problem of obesity or unwanted fats on the body can also have an immense back pain problem. It is because the weight puts extra pressure on the spine and back for balancing the body, which ultimately stresses it and causes pain eventually.
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