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How a lock is good for your bicycle

There are a number of accessories that are manufactured for bicycles and the bicycles riders. When thinking about such accessories we often think of water bottle, helmet, speedometer, light, specialized clothing, and racks. 


And it is very important for you to understand that the most important accessory that you should never forget is the bike lock. Just because you live in a relatively safer place doesn’t mean that you are not in need of a lock. We would recommend you to buy the best lock for your bicycle in order to protect it. 


The best combination u-lock for you will definitely be going to fulfill two important requirements.


It will actually be secure enough to stop your bike from being stolen. On the other hand, it would also be practical to use the u-lock on a daily basis. Make sure whichever u-lock you purchase must be both easy to carry around and must also fit easily around your bike and whatever you want to lock it to. 


This problem of practicality is most determined by how big a combination u-lock is so that you can divide the process of choosing the right U-lock into the three simple steps.


Firstly, it is very important for you to decide, what security level you are in need of.


Secondly,  make sure that you choose the right size of the combination u-lock. Lastly, find the specific lock that is within your budget range. It is very important for you to understand that there is no lock that is unbreakable, as no matter how much money you spend even on the strongest lock. They can be broken in one or the other way and due to this reason, you should always buy a bike lock that is within your budget. 


Try buying a bicycle lock that is thick: 


It is true, that bike thieves have many types of tools that can break, even the best and the hardest locks. The most popular method that the thieves choose is the bolt cutters. 


There is no doubt that the cable locks will withstand the bolt cutters, so if you are looking for real security it is better for you to choose a padlock and a chain or a combination U-lock for your bicycle. 


Any lock can be broken with the right tool, this is the reason why the bike owners should look for the chains, padlocks, combinations U-locks that actually have thick shackles and bodies, and you can even use the steel alloys such as the boron carbide. 

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