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Hot selling 30 mic metalized CPP film VMCPP for cosmetics packaging

Hot selling 30 mic metalized CPP film VMCPP for cosmetics packaging

Recyclable PET protective film is made of the CPP aluminium metalizing substrate film metalized in vacuum metalizing machine. It is usually divided into low temperature VMCPP, ultra-low temperature gas-filled VMCPP, high bonding strength VMCPP, low friction VMCPP corresponding to different functional applications. As heat sealing inner layer, VMCPP film is laminated with BOPP, BOPA, BOPET and other materials for bag making. It is suitable for various kinds of food, medicine and cosmetics packaging.

Protective Film Characteristic:

*Good barrier performance
*Excellent light-shading performance
*Excellent glossy appearance of aluminium metalizing layer,excellent foil ability to ink colour.
*Good laminating adaptability
*Excellent heat sealing strength

Physical and Mechanical Properties
Item NameStandard ValueTypical IndexTesting Standard
Low tempUltra-low Temp & InflatableHigh BondingStrengthLow Friction
Tensile Strength MpaMD≥3559595959ASTM D638
Elongation at Break %MD≥280649649649649
Thickness of Aluminum Layer  Ω/≤ D1003
Aluminum Layer Uniformity %±15%±8%±8%±8%±8%
Bonding Strength of Aluminum Layer N    (EAA Film Test upper seal knife 110℃, Lower seal knife 80℃)Customized1.2-2.5
Heat Sealing Temperature ℃  (Non-treatment surface)Heat Sealing Type≤145122(≥8N)114(≥8N)122(≥8N)122(≥8N)
Non-Sealing Type>145
Surface Tension dyn/cmTreatment Surface≥38≥38≥38≥38≥38ISO 8296
Dynamic Friction CoefficientBetween Non-treatment   Surfaces0.65-0.750.65-0.750.65-0.750.35-0.6ASTM D19

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