The Holochain is a platform that features a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) architecture with cryptographic keys different for each node. It uses the Proof-of-Service (POS) protocol and combines the power of blockchain technology and developed DLT technology to validate nodes.

HOT is a utility token built for the participants of this ecosystem. It has a max supply of around 178 billion. It is available for purchase and trading on exchanges such as CoinCodex, IDEX, DDEX, and Binance.

What is Holo Coin price now?

Holo coin price is at $0.00049022 with a 24-hour trading volume of $10,503,629.71 at the time of writing.

What is the most active exchange for Holo Coin ?

Holo Coin can be traded on Paribu and Binance cryptocurrency exchanges.

Holochain’s built-in architecture allows user autonomy as no global consensus protocols are maintained. Instead, a private chain is forked for each agent in the blockchain network. Holochain operates under the Proof-of-Service protocol to generate invoices for the services that it offers, making its system a bridge between the centralized web and blockchain.

Coin Compare may be a notable feature to accumulate instant comparison of various coins within the crypto industry. The feature gives precise information about the coins including rank, 7d change, price market cap, volume for 24hrs, volume for 7d, volume for 30d, total supply, and maximum supply.

Users can trade it with both crypto and fiat pairs like USDT, ETH, KRW, and USD. The Holo ecosystem relies on hosts to provide processing and storage for distributed applications. The Holochain applications (HApps) can be developed with JavaScript or Lisp, with support for front-end systems using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. These HApps can be used for social media, supply chain communities, and governance, among other purposes.

Holochain offers cryptocurrency users and developers alike to own their data, control their identity, connect applications to suit their needs, transact without centralized systems, and build lighter, faster, and cheaper applications.

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